Managing long-term maintenance and concept of operations

Integrating design and construction works to keep road assets healthy

Our transport corridors are like the neural networks in our bodies. When there’s a problem our body will send messages to our brain to fix the issue. Our road systems can do the same, responding immediately to optimise performance, plan for disruption and increase the health of the assets over their lifecycle.

But for many years, band aid solutions have been applied to road maintenance, focusing on treatment rather than prevention. Through improved technology and better understanding of the data that we collect on our transport networks, we can understand the specific functions of each corridor, determine performance measures that best reflect their use, and model the asset lifecycle accordingly.

By integrating the design and the works process, we can move from unplanned upkeep to planned and sustainable outcomes that ultimately reduce overall maintenance costs, decrease road user disruption and allow the network to operate smarter.

Optimising network performance

Using real-time data to understand our clients’ road assets, their core functions, and the surrounding environment, we pinpoint opportunities to increase efficiencies.

At Aurecon, we integrate a user centred design approach with the delivery of maintenance, resulting in better decisions about what parts of a network have a higher risk of resulting in poor service experiences, and this allows us allocate resources more effectively.

It’s a road use first approach that considers:

the specific functions of each corridor and how they are integrated
the reliability of the road and when maintenance needs to be carried out
maximising value and lifecycle of the assets that make up the network
increasing sustainability and reducing the need for unplanned disruption
ensuring better returns on asset investment

At Aurecon, we don’t only know roads and highways, we understand how they work because we have designed and have advised on the operations and maintenance of some of the largest and most complex networks.

Let’s reimagine how we manage our road networks

Aurecon's engineers, transport planners and infrastructure advisors are constantly thinking about new ways to add value to our clients’ assets as well as how to provide an improved experience for road users. They share their thoughts below on the future of road network management.

What is the future of transport for Australians?

By 2035 Australia will look different. Very different.

We asked more than 1300 Australians to imagine the future of transport, how they want to live, work, travel, buy food and have goods delivered in 2035.

Future transport: understanding what Australians want

Learn more about Aurecon's transport expertise


Braith Gilchrist, Aurecon

Braith Gilchrist

Transportation Industry Director, NSW & ACT – Australia
+61 2 9465 5884
Michael Kartsounis

Michael Kartsounis

Technical Director
Kylie Cochrane is Aurecon’s Global Lead for Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Kylie Cochrane

Design Director, and Principal, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement – Australia
Nial O'Brien

Nial O'Brien

Roads Capability Leader
Sam Linke, Victoria Transport Planning Lead

Sam Linke

Integrated Transport & Mobility Capability Leader, VIC – Australia
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