Future transport: understanding what New Zealanders want
What will the future of New Zealand transport be like in 2042?

What will the future of New Zealand transport look like in 2042?

A better understanding of what New Zealanders want their communities and future transport infrastructure to look like

Our population is growing, ageing and urbanising. We are experiencing more traffic congestion, an increase in energy prices and the digitalisation of our economy.

As New Zealand’s population races to 5.5 million people, the discussion about how people and goods are moved around our country and the impact this has on communities is paramount.

Energy, social infrastructure, economic growth, digitalisation and efficient transport solutions will be pivotal in ensuring that New Zealand not only manages the uncertainties over the coming decades, but that, importantly, we thrive and prosper through them. The efficient and affordable movement of goods ensures the connectivity of people and places. But the movement of passengers and freight needs to consider much more than just price and speed.

Share your thoughts on what matters most

We have developed a survey to learn more about how New Zealanders think people and goods should move around in the future.

Imagine it’s the year 2042. How does population growth and new technologies impact your own choices about where you live and how you commute, as well as what foods and goods you purchase and how you want things delivered?

Take this five minute survey and tell us what you think.

Stay tuned for insights on the future of New Zealand transport

Stay tuned! We will analyse data from the survey to share insights on what people want.

In the meantime, explore more insights from Aurecon on the future of transport and our cities.



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