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The role of collaboration and trust in the infrastructure sector

Australia’s infrastructure sector is riding a wave of major projects coming to market, each one bigger and more complex than the next. So why are we seeing increasing delays, claims and even major players facing financial strain on the back of a once-in-a-generation opportunity? 

Throughout 2019, Aurecon will bring you in-depth interviews, led by Managing Director, Infrastructure Ben Stapleton, exploring the concept of collaboration and trust and how these attributes and characteristics have the power to redefine project outcomes.

Would the result be different if we just let go of our commercial, political and social differences and worked together as one team? Let’s find out.

Episode 1: Managing relationships to achieve the best project outcomes

In this interview, leading disputes lawyer Ben Davidson discusses how a lack of collaboration and trust between parties on major infrastructure projects is leading to delays, litigation and in some cases is stretching the industry too far.

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Episode 2: Improving safety outcomes in high risk environments and managing integrity in a global business world

Coming soon!

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