Reliable data for transport project confidence

Building information modelling (BIM) for Transport

Aurecon uses BIM to intersect trustworthy data with real world needs and deliver valuable project outcomes for our clients and future communities.

Across all stages of the project lifecycle, there is demand for increased efficiency, higher performance and greater returns on investment. Because Aurecon understands these challenges, we consistently strive to further develop our expertise and apply BIM across project disciplines.

There’s more to BIM than clever 3D representations. As a digital representation of the complete functional and physical characteristics of a constructed asset, a Building Information Model can contain defined project information on design, construction, logistics, operation, maintenance budgets, schedules and much more.

BIM as a project enabler can benefit Government and Transport clients across a range of infrastructure, building and utility projects, where there is definition to meaningful, accurate and insightful data that adds value to all stakeholders across the entire project lifecycle.

Overarching benefits of BIM

Productivity gain is one of the major benefits of initiating BIM on projects. Applied effectively, BIM can bring a vast range of benefits to public and private developers and agencies, designers, owners, occupants and asset managers across the built environment.

  • Greater accuracy to assess financial models
  • Improved cost certainty at design stage
  • Foster communication and coordination for accurate project planning with access to highly detailed and relational databases
  • Make informed business decisions based upon the asset provided by Aurecon’s insight, data and expertise
  • Streamlined construction with visualised engineering solutions
  • Timely project delivery
  • Improved performance and cost savings throughout the asset management period

Aurecon BIM delivers connectable data that can be utilised across a project to improve feasibility and financial analysis, time to market, design/build quality, environmental performance and whole of life asset management.

Value is delivered through being able to manipulate and interrogate the databases that sit behind BIM. A building information model serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about infrastructure in the built environment forming a reliable basis for decisions during its lifecycle from inception onward.

Working closely with clients and construction teams, we can bring the right mix of Project Managers, BIM consultants, 3D laser scanning teams, visualisation experts, 4D planners, facilities management specialists and construction design BIM expertise to the project – at the right time.


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