Aurecon’s transport specialists have the expertise to successfully manage and deliver projects across roads and highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, airports and ports.

World-class infrastructure networks are critical in terms of encouraging business innovation and improving the global competitiveness of our industries. Greater efficiency and sustainability in the movement of people, resources and commodities will continue to provide a competitive advantage in today’s global economy.

As the transport market evolves, challenges arise which require non-traditional approaches and innovative solutions. Our expertise is increasingly in demand across road, rail, ports and marine, aviation and urban transport and for providing the crucial links in industrial product supply chains.

Aurecon’s transport specialists are highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals who have the passion, commitment and expertise to successfully manage and deliver projects across roads and highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, airports, ports and coastal.

Skills which are now needed to successfully execute transport projects include:

  • strategic land use planning
  • demand modelling for passengers and freight
  • landscape and emissions assessments
  • intelligent transport system applications
  • supply chain mapping
  • behavioural science
  • electronic systems applications

Through our global reach, we are able to offer clients an extensive resource base who can provide a unique breadth of local knowledge combined with advanced technical capability that enables us to respond to all our clients’ transport needs.

We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the entire infrastructure lifecycle, from prefeasibility and business case preparation through to the operation and maintenance phases.

Our clients include private companies and consortia, government and contractors working through a variety of relationship models, from direct engagement and alliances to design and construct, and construction management.

Aurecon: Why should travel demand management be considered for cities and regions in a post-COVID world?

Moving forward with purpose in a post-COVID-19 world

Why should travel demand management be considered for cities and regions post-COVID?

The transition out of the pandemic offers unique opportunities to operate our existing transport systems more effectively, using travel demand management.

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Light rail and mass transit

Flexing the rail network

Around the world, governments are using light rail and mass transit to improve connectivity and reshape cities.

As cities grow and public expectations for low-carbon transport options increase, light rail and other forms of mass transit are experiencing a resurgence.

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Target: net zero – navigating the transition risks created by climate change

Target: net zero

Transitioning to net zero carbon emissions requires decarbonising economies to challenge every aspect of their energy, resources and mobility decisions across every industry. How will your industry transition to a net zero carbon future?

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The roaring 2020s: the rise of 20-minute neighbourhoods

Will there be post-pandemic roaring 20s? Aurecon's Futures Research Lead talks to Neighbourlytics' Lucinda Hartley about using digital data to create better places for people.

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