Workplace of the future: smart, sustainable and safe
Workplace of the future: Smart, sustainable and safe

A paradigm shift – what do we need to consider to design workplaces of the future?

Since the onset of COVID-19, the world as we know it changed and what once felt certain has now become open to opportunity. Nowhere more is this evident than in the workplace – whether that be a commercial office building, an education facility, a medical centre, a technology hub or any other place where ‘workers’ gather.

As employees around the globe reverted to remote working, and discovered both the pros and cons of merging home life and work life, questions were being asked about how workplaces need to change to accommodate this new way of operating.

In this thought leadership series, we explore the considerations workplace owners, developers and operators need to take into account when either adjusting an existing workplace to accommodate this new way of working, or developing an entirely new place of employment.

To offer a good return on investment for owners and developers, be cost effective for employers and attractive to the current, new and emerging workforce, workplaces need to meet fundamental human needs, values and expectations as well as commercial imperatives.

To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than make despair convincing.

Raymond Williams

Do I want to return to the workplace, and if I do, what will I discover when I finally get back and how will it change in the future?

Key considerations for future workplace design

Workplace of the future: Smart


Using data to inform decision-making for both owners and operators, as well as employees

Workplace of the future: Sustainable


To provide a comfortable working environment that is flexible to changing needs, and combats the impacts of climate change

Workplace of the future: Safe


Creating an environment where staff feel safe has always been a priority, but now that has become even more of a focus and technology will be a key enabler

Uncertainty creates opportunity

COVID-19 has created a new normal of uncertainty, constant change, complexity, and contradiction. What we thought the future held for workplaces has been turned upside down, leaving us asking if things will ever be the same again.

With so much uncertainty, how can organisations and employees prepare for what may or may not come next, and how can they grasp the opportunity for change and innovation?

Download our first installment in this series below to find out.

This video was produced by Unsigned Studio. The 3D render of the building depicted in this video is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to an existing building is purely coincidental.

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How can our team help you navigate the future of workplaces?

As we move towards an ‘ecosystem of places’, we need to understand how to redesign our current assets, as well as consider what we will need to design for a future workforce that will decide how, when and where they will work according to the activity that needs to be undertaken each day.

As advisors and engineers, Aurecon understands the complexity of decision-making at the highest levels, as well as the practicality of technical design and delivery.

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Our workplaces have changed, and with that comes uncertainty as well as opportunity.


Matt Capon

Built Environment Leader, New Zealand

Virtual event The Pandemic and Learning Spaces of the Future

Aurecon’s Jared Lillywhite and the University of Queensland’s Assoc. Prof. Oluremi Ayoko discuss how the lessons learned from corporate workplaces can be used to design post-pandemic learning spaces.

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