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Long-term building performance, in terms of both cost and serviceability, is of paramount importance in the development of justice facilities.

Aurecon possesses extensive experience in partnering with government agencies that require value for money and the reassurance that the performance of these types of facilities will be highly effective throughout their entire life cycle.

The design or redevelopment of justice facilities involves many considerations. Aurecon partners with clients to prioritise their needs and ensure key issues are addressed. Fundamental factors in the design of justice facilities include:

  • technological advances
  • security considerations
  • sustainability requirements
  • daily levels of ‘wear and tear’
  • health and safety

We have an enviable track record in this market, having delivered courts, police stations and correctional facilities for government clients globally. 

In addition to traditional engineering services, Aurecon is at the forefront in the development of communications systems for justice related facilities.

Videoconferencing, for example, allows off-site interviews between the prison and courts, while real-time transmission of voice and video services over IP networks is now a standard approach in all of our designs. We integrate security, building management and facilities management systems, offering clients opportunities for the better management and control of resources. 

Finally, our security experts offer extensive experience in security management, auditing and planning as well as in the protection of critical infrastructure, security technology design and blast protection.

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