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Environmentally sustainable, comfortable, healthy commercial buildings

Commercial office buildings

Investors, developers and tenants are increasingly demanding commercial buildings which are environmentally sustainable, provide a comfortable and healthy environment, and healthy financial returns.

With an increasing focus on sustainable investment worldwide, we are seeing a greater reliance on new and innovative ideas with regard to the development, retrofitting and ongoing management of commercial buildings.

Aurecon is internationally recognised for creating high performance, cost effective, energy efficient and sustainable commercial buildings. We understand the important role that high quality, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable buildings play in attracting investors, developers and long-term, good quality tenants. Globally, commercial building projects may form part of mixed use developments, and might include residential, leisure or retail components. Our property expertise spans specialist offerings across these markets.

We understand the importance of long-term performance and building flexibility and of finding the balance between sustainability and financial viability. Innovative, high quality design is the key to creating high performance, cost effective, energy efficient and sustainable commercial buildings.

We understand the life cycle of our clients’ buildings, and how best to manage, maintain and upgrade them to provide the financial returns our clients expect. We have the technical and consulting skills and experience to ensure we deliver on these multiple requirements.

Our technical expertise covers all facets of the building’s lifecycle, from planning and design to construction management and supervision. In addition to traditional structural and building services, we offer many specialised skills including fire and facade engineering and strategic security services. Our added value expertise also encompasses the use of advanced modelling technology to resolve complex planning and design issues, providing clients with significant cost savings over the economic life of the project.

Aurecon shares insights on how we can design smart, sustainable and safe workplaces to accommodate new ways of flexible working from home or the office after COVID-19.
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