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Science Fiction or Science Fact?

We cannot predict the future, but we can ask the right questions.

Buildings of the future is about understanding the drivers that are shaping how we will live and work in years to come, thereby ensuring we design the right things in the right ways.

The major drivers identified in this series – people at the centre; designs that make sense today and tomorrow; easy life, complex technology; and bottom line benefits – have the potential to reshape our industry in the next 30 years. Aurecon is identifying the opportunities this presents and facilitating these changes.

Please enjoy the first installment in the series, "Buildings of the Future: Science fiction or science fact?" by downloading the full PDF or exploring the report via the key themes below.


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Where to from here?

We realise we have raised more questions than answers.

It may be counterintuitive, but we believe that therein lies the pathway forward. Those who shape Buildings of the Future will be those who, firstly, realise that our world is changing and have the boldness to not only let go of but question the status quo so that working with government and economic leaders, we might reimagine our physical spaces and infrastructure. Engineers need to lead these conversations.

With science fiction becoming science fact, it’s time to embrace radical change.


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