Buildings of the future

Buildings of the Future

Buildings of the Future

A series exploring key trends in the built environment

We are moving toward an increasingly digital, interconnected society, and with it, comes the realisation that everything we know will change. We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery as we build (pun intended) our knowledge, understanding and readiness. Learn more ›

Latest edition

Part 4: Easy life, complex technology

Welcome to the future of blockchain!

This fourth edition of our Buildings of the Future series explores not only how we design, construct and maintain our buildings, but how we can use data to amplify business performance. Watch our video, take the quiz or read the paper through the links below.

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Previous editions

Buildings of the Future: Case studies

567 Collins St, Melbourne, Australia

567 Collins Street

Building designs are moving from singular functional spaces to ecosystems – synthesising technology, design and facilities into one seamless living and working environment. 567 Collins Street, Melbourne is no exception.

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Aurecon Smart Centre, Melbourne

Aurecon Smart Centre

Aurecon Centre houses Melbourne-based staff in interconnected floors to offer innovative, leading standards of air quality, energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Buildings of the Future: A Hong Kong Perspective

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