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Generation and management of data and digital representations

Building information modelling (BIM) for Built Environment

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of data and digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places and objects.

BIM can benefit developers, designers, owners, occupants and asset managers across the built environment.

The benefits of BIM are delivered through being able to manipulate and interrogate the databases that sit behind BIM, bringing:

  • confidence to more complex designs
  • early cost certainty
  • faster and reduced-cost design
  • streamlined construction
  • timely project delivery
  • improved performance and cost savings throughout asset management period

As early as 2001, Aurecon used 3D design on all building services for Global Switch West Data Centre, Australia. BIM-enabled design at Aurecon has been a strategic priority since the 2000s and has received substantial investment.

We understand how BIM benefits our clients by delivering value across all stages of the project’s lifecycle and have particular expertise and experience delivering Design Intent BIM.

Effective Design Intent BIM is about providing the right data to communicate and achieve the design objectives for later project lifecycle stages – whilst still giving flexibility on exact product specifications, which are added later by the fabricators and contractors. Ultimately, a detailed and tested approach to Design Intent BIM facilitates efficiency, accuracy and greater predictability throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Working closely with clients and construction teams, we can bring the right mix of BIM consultants, 3D laser scanning teams, visualisation experts, 4D planners, facilities management specialists and construction design BIM expertise to the project – at the right time.

John Hainsworth gives an overview of BIM at Aurecon in the video below:

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