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As property markets worldwide begin to recover from the economic crisis and tight credit conditions, property investment and development in many locations is starting to revive.

Sustainabilityenvironmental protection, lifecycle performance and returns are key drivers for investors, developers, owners and tenants across both public and private sectors. Aurecon is addressing these wider issues which affect many property projects in which we are involved.

We provide multidisciplinary services across the entire project lifecycle, from master planning and the conducting of feasibility studies to engineering design documentation, construction supervision, and operations and maintenance, within the commercial, industrial, sports and leisure, and residential submarkets.

Whether dealing with difficult site conditions, overcoming the inherent challenges of tall buildings or the complexity of stadia design, Aurecon’s property team has built a reputation for lateral thinking and elegant design outcomes on mixed use developments, leisure resorts, defence projects, data centres, hospitals, prisons, retail, airport terminals, and education facilities. Support services include master planning, precinct planning and land infrastructure, the processing of satellite imagery, geotechnical investigations and analyses, topographical surveying and traffic impact studies, while our specialist fire, acoustic and facade engineers are providing market leading solutions for clients worldwide.

Our advanced modelling technology resolves complex planning and design issues, and can offer significant cost savings over the term of a project.

We design cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet the specific requirements of any project. Our quality assurance system ensures that our clients receive consistently excellent service throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Aurecon’s engineering and technical excellence has been recognised through many prestigious awards across property markets worldwide. These include awards for:

Workplace of the future

Workplace of the future

With so much uncertainty, how can organisations and employees prepare for what may or may not come next?

Aurecon shares insights on how we can design smart, sustainable and safe workplaces to accommodate new ways of flexible working from home or the office after COVID-19.

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Why haven't buildings become productised?

Why haven't buildings become productised?

Despite advances in technology, and the emergence of industrialised design and construction, innovation in the built environment and property industries has been slow.

Why is that? Why hasn’t industrialised construction disrupted the way we design and construct buildings?

Welcome to the fifth edition of Buildings of the Future.

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Precincts: Place Reimagined - Aurecon

Precincts: Place Reimagined

How does a place-based approach stimulate economic growth, create jobs and support liveable, sustainable communities?

At the heart of all precinct and placemaking projects are the people, communities and businesses they serve. Learn more about Aurecon's approach to precinct design.

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The roaring 2020s: the rise of 20-minute neighbourhoods

Will there be post-pandemic roaring 20s? Aurecon's Futures Research Lead talks to Neighbourlytics' Lucinda Hartley about using digital data to create better places for people.

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