Reimagining healthcare infrastructure post pandemic
Reimagining healthcare infrastructure post pandemic

How can we reimagine our healthcare infrastructure to provide an agile, sustainable, and efficient healthcare system?

Navigating beyond the current pandemic towards a new model for healthcare infrastructure planning, design, delivery and operations

Healthcare investment has always been the subject of intense focus in the competing demands for investment dollars, whether from the public or private sectors.

Now, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increasing interest in reform in healthcare delivery, so that systems and infrastructure are capable of being responsive to pandemics, and meeting shifting consumer appetite and preference towards more digital healthcare access options.

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A need for healthcare reform

In 2020 the world changed as we know it, and the need to pivot and innovate has never been more pressing. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the vulnerabilities that exist in many healthcare systems.

Healthcare providers have had to quickly adapt their service delivery models, consider future possible scenarios, and continue to innovate as improved outcomes are demanded from limited investment dollars.

Aurecon explores the challenges and potential solutions in our Reimagining Healthcare Infrastructure thought leadership series, which unpacks how healthcare providers can navigate beyond the current pandemic into the future of a sustainable, human-centred healthcare system.

Across the series we explore how current trends are shaping the need to adapt and shift healthcare infrastructure planning, investment, design, and delivery to better meet current and future demands.

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Key considerations for healthcare reform

Despite global expenditure on healthcare increasing, our systems and infrastructure are not effectively meeting this accelerating demand, with expenditure still occurring in many jurisdictions to address historical under-investment.

Rising healthcare infrastructure costs and ageing assets will mean a struggle to deliver on political imperatives for the delivery of new, and repurposing of existing, infrastructure.

The increasing focus on mental health at a political level is also showing a long-term deficit in investment.

Healthcare providers must look to new models of healthcare infrastructure investment and service delivery that meet the expectations of an increasingly aware community, promote health equity and are:

  • Fit-for-purpose
  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable

All this, while ensuring the patient and their communities are central to their planning, design, delivery and operation.

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This series explores how current trends are shaping the need to adapt and shift healthcare infrastructure planning, investment, design and delivery to better meet current and future demands.

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How can Aurecon’s health team help you navigate the future?

Aurecon provides fresh thinking and innovative solutions to the planning, design, delivery and operations of primary care, acute care, mental health, children's health, women's health, cancer care, healthcare related research and aged-care facilities.

By combining our advisory and management capabilities with those of our technical engineering design, digital and asset management experts, Aurecon leads the development of innovative solutions that demonstrate excellence and value for our healthcare clients, across the entire lifecycle of their projects.

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Longreach Hospital, Australia

Aurecon’s project management expertise helped the upgrade of Longreach Hospital, an integral part of the healthcare system in central western Queensland.

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