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HazAPP frequently asked questions


Q: What is AS 4343 and how does it relate to the Pressure Regulations?

A: All Pressure Equipment must be given a Hazard Level based on the calculations provided within the Australian Standard AS 4343 ‘Pressure Equipment – Hazard Levels’. The government then dictates what level of Quality Assurance is required on the Pressure Equipment based on the associated Hazard Level. 

Q: Where can I access a copy of AS 4343?

A: AS 4343 can be accessed by purchasing from the Australian Standards distribution partner SAI Global here. 

Q: Where can I find out more information about the Pressure Regulations?

A: In New Zealand it is the Pressure Equipment, Cranes and Passenger Ropeways (PECPR) regulations, which can be accessed free of charge here.
Guidance for compliance and associated Approved Codes of Practice can be sourced from here.
In Australia it is the Model Work Health and Safety Regulations. These can be accessed from here.
Note: There are some states with exceptions. Specific requirements should be verified within each state.

Q: When I have a system with multiple pipeline sizes what diameter should I use?

A: All connected pipework should be treated as a system therefore the largest pipe diameter should always be used.

Q: The fluid I want to use is not included in the Fluid Type dropdown box.

A: A limited number of common fluid types are provided for use. Simply look up the extensive fluid type appendices in AS 4343 and use one of the general descriptors at the bottom of the Fluid Type dropdown, or contact us for more assistance.

Q: What are the special conditions and when should I use them?

A: The special conditions, when selected, apply a modifying factor to the pressure X diameter calculation in the case of pressure piping or the H calculation for vessels and boilers. Where the special condition increases the risk of harm then a modifier greater than one is applied. If there are multiple special conditions that increase the risk of harm then the modifier is significantly increased. Likewise there are special conditions that decrease the risk of harm. In these scenarios a modifier is applied less than one. The special conditions should be selected in consultation and in agreement with the equipment Owner.

Q: Where can I find a registered inspection body?

A: To find an inspection body click here. 

Q: What is meant by a relevant AS/NZS 9001 or 9002 quality management system?

A: In accordance with the ACOP for Pressure Equipment, conformity assessments may be made in-house provided the designers and/or manufacturers have obtained the 9001 certification and have successfully obtained an exemption under regulation five of the PECPR regulations.

Q: Who can I contact if I have any queries regarding HazAPP or my pressure equipment?

A:  We would be delighted to assist you with any queries you may have. Please contact us via one of the email addresses below.

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