Experiencing strong growth as countries move to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Renewable energy

Over the past ten years, global wind power capacity has grown at an average cumulative rate of over 30 per cent and solar energy has experienced similar growth through rapidly declining costs.

Mature technologies such as hydropower, biomass and geothermal are playing a major role in the transition to clean energy and exciting new technologies are proving themselves in the field of marine energy.

The intermittent nature of renewable energy resources such as wind and solar, combined with political risk and rapidly developing energy conversion technology, means that investment risks can be high if technical and commercial assessments are not performed with the highest level of diligence.

As a market leader in the renewable energy field, Aurecon provides innovative, high-value technical and advisory services to clients. As one of the most commercially viable renewable technologies, wind energy has been a key focus for us in recent years and we have assisted clients to locate, assess, permit, finance and construct wind farms, for both onshore and offshore projects in many locations.

Our specialist skills in hydropower, including tunnelling, are in demand and we have a strong track record in hydro development. In solar energy, Aurecon is positioning for growth based on our technical solar knowledge, our environmental and infrastructure skills, and experience in the wind energy development process.

Aurecon also has a strong biomass capability based on our knowledge of traditional power generation combined with specialist skills in process engineering.

Our renewable projects

Aurecon has surveyed over 100 industry participants across the entire Australian energy market; asking what the future of energy might look like and their current major concerns.
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