Battery energy storage’s role in a sustainable energy future

Hornsdale Power Reserve Impact Study

Battery energy storage’s role in a sustainable energy future

Stabilising the electricity grid, facilitating renewable integration: a technical and market impact study on Hornsdale Power Reserve’s first 365 days of operation.

The future of Australia’s rapidly growing renewable energy sector depends on addressing the issues of grid reliability and stability. As the energy market transitions to increasing penetrations of renewable energy, new opportunities are emerging for battery energy storage – with its technical capabilities to achieve secure networks and provide reliable generation.

This report details how, in its first year of operation, Hornsdale Power Reserve (HPR) – owned and operated by Neoen, and supplied by Tesla – has delivered on the high expectations of its performance and market impact. The report also outlines how the battery technology has been used to achieve system security and reduce the risk of a system black event and load shedding, how it positively impacted ancillary service prices and created new commercial opportunities. 

Neoen-Tesla 100 MW battery in South Australia

Hornsdale Power Reserve Year 1 Technical and Market Impact report shows us the missing piece of the puzzle

HPR has also shown us that while battery projects are an important step to ensure network reliability in a controlled transition to renewables, they are just one piece of the energy jigsaw.

In this paper, Batteries key in the future energy storage landscape, Managing Director – Energy, Resources and Manufacturing Paul Gleeson explores the key lessons from the technical and market impact study for Hornsdale Power Reserve’s first year in operation.

In doing so, he demonstrates how and why battery energy storage is an essential part of the mix required to ensure network reliability in a controlled transition to renewables.

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