Aurecon asks the role government should play in determining energy choices.

The Future of Energy

To what extent should Government determine the energy choices available to customers?

In addition, respondents want Government to take a more active role in designing this future.

A massive 56% of respondents believed that this would include making targeted interventions that ensure we meet energy reliability, price and energy objectives. A further 31% believed that Government should act as a fail-safe mechanism if the market fails to deliver emission, reliability and price objectives.

 Aurecon survey reveals Australian businesses' perception on the extent of government involvement in shaping the future of energy.

Aurecon survey reality checkIn the end, business and consumers as a collective will shape the future of our nation and if the population wants a sensible outcome, politicians have to deliver a sensible outcome. In the end it’s actually up to us, more so than we believe.

From the desired level of emissions reduction to the adoption of a clean energy target, we need to determine the nitty-gritty details before we can move forward. We need to articulate what is an acceptable level of reliability that we want from our electricity system and then build a system and be prepared to pay for a system that does that.

As long as we have those debates in a fact- based way, focusing on what the underlying engineering and technology is and focusing on what the true economics is, while leaving the politics aside, we can build a very sensible energy system into the future.

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