Aurecon asks survey respondents the future energy scenario they would support.

The Future of Energy

Which future energy scenario would you support?

“We want the impossible from the energy system!”

We asked respondents to select what level of reliability, cost and emissions reductions they expect the future energy system to deliver. We found that 62% of respondents chose a combination of factors we believe we technically can’t deliver. Only 38% made choices we believe we can meet.

 Aurecon's survey revealed many believe that the future of energy is not yet designed.

The renewable experiment is over 0%
You believe Australia should leverage its significant resource endowment and invest in new baseload coal fired generation to provide low cost and reliable energy, rather than the alternative, which is to continue pursuing this costly renewable energy experiment.

Why not nuclear? 0%
You think that if we’re serious about reducing emissions and providing reliable power, the only option is to go nuclear.

Power to the people 7%
You believe the customer and distributed renewable energy should be at the heart of Australia’s energy future – the rules should be changed to allow you to trade electricity with your neighbour and reward efficiency.

It’s all in the mix 31%
With a balanced mix of supply technologies, you believe we can help this country tackle the trilemma of affordable, reliable power and transition to low carbon power over time.

The future of energy is not yet designed 62%
As a forward thinker, you are not satisfied with the current energy scenarios available.

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