Defence & national security

Defence & national security

Defence and national security markets globally are positioned for strong growth due to significant investment in military, aircraft, naval, space, cyber security and border security capabilities over the next decade.

The digital revolution and integration of technology in project delivery are also creating a wealth of opportunity for defence and national security estate owners to better manage and optimise resources.

Aurecon has a long history of providing technical and support services to defence and national  security agencies and the wider industry. The company has a proven track record in the planning, management and delivery of complex defence and national security projects, and has representation on a large number of supplier panels.

In Australia, we are a preferred contractor to the Australian Government Department of Defence and are ranked in the ADM Top 40 Contractors list.

Across all our locations internationally, our diverse teams of defence and national security specialists have considerable expertise in working in, managing and leading integrated project teams. Client outcomes are delivered through our thorough understanding of design, digital, environmental and planning requirements, procurement and management methodology, and delivery of defence and national security capability. 

Aurecon has designed and executed a large number of infrastructure, project management and programme management projects in support of diverse defence capabilities, such as:

  • Air force aircraft hangars for Boeing C17 transport aircraft
  • Special forces’ training facilities and ranges
  • Naval bases and ports
  • Construction of army barracks and logistics facilities
  • Project Delivery Services project and programme management contracts

We have also advised defence and national security agencies and the wider industry on acquisition projects across their capability life cycle, including:

  • New leading-edge maintenance models for electronic systems
  • Procurement models for logistics and equipment solutions
  • BIM and information management studies  
  • Data analytics projects

Our specialisations include:

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Our Digital Futures Market Research

'Our Digital Futures' is Aurecon's market research that will help us and our clients tackle the challenges and realise the possibilities created by digital ways of working, now and into the future.

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