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Engineering, design and advisory services in Asia

Be it a super-tall building, university campus, mass transit system, terminal or solar power plant, Aurecon is constantly asking “how will this design be relevant in the future”?

Aurecon has been collaborating with our clients and partners for more than 40 years in Asia, engineering better lives for our communities. We have full-strength delivery teams with great track records in our offices across Asia.

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The future of business lies in digital transformation – and Asia is ready

Today, the engineering and construction industries in Asia face inevitable disruption from digital technology, as the region’s demand for innovative building design and resilient infrastructure increases.

Organisations and businesses are seeking new opportunities and solutions from technologies to create better outcomes and make things easier and more efficient.

But ‘going digital’ is not where the transformation journey ends, it is, in fact, where it begins.

Aurecon’s digital vision in the Asian market is brought to life through the Regional Centre of Excellence for Digital Engineering, based in Ho Chi Minh City, where our team is dedicated to solving our clients’ challenges around emerging digital technologies and alternative business models.

Aurecon has designed the centre to accelerate the development and adoption of digital engineering in Asia’s construction industry. Close collaboration between our experts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam makes this possible.

Investing in the three pillars of digital transformation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and visualisation and digital collaboration, we assist our clients in capturing the infinite possibilities created by digital disruption and transform their businesses.

By imagining what is possible, we can unlock the power and potential of digital technologies and explore the greater opportunities that will enable businesses, governments and communities to be, not only digitally transformed, but also sustainable and engineered for life.


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We do things differently at Aurecon

Aurecon is committed to maintaining a culture based on respect. Our innovation aspiration is dependent on our ability to recruit and inspire a diverse workforce and to create an inclusive, high-performing culture where everyone can be their full authentic selves within a vibrant global community.

Paired with our highly collaborative culture, our clients and partners are assured of the best innovative solutions from our top experts around the world. It is not surprising that our clients find it easy to work with us. 

Shumin Liu, Aurecon

Shumin Liu

Advisory Analyst

Graduate Shumin shares a week of her life working in the Infrastructure team. She is bringing to life Mauritius' first light rail by researching ways to integrate rail into the existing transport network.

Lili Tao, Aurecon

Lili Tao


To civil engineer Lili, there is nothing more satisfying then seeing an idea through from a sketch to construction and finally the finished outcome. Her project management skills also help with her family life.

Alecs Chong, Aurecon

Alecs Chong


As a child, Alecs wanted to be a robot pilot to fight evil aliens. Today he designs unusual and giant structures worldwide, including the faithful half-sized replica of the Eiffel Tower in Macau.

Gabe Carter, Aurecon

Gabe Carter


Over the last fifteen years, Gabe has had the amazing experience of living and working internationally: from Australia to Los Angeles, Ho Chi Minh City, London, India, Indonesia, Dubai and Qatar.

Hardwired in our DNA are engineering, design and the deep need to leave a legacy

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Aurecon has decades of experience in airport engineering consultation and the aviation sector – from the kerb at the taxi drop-off, to the end of the runway, Aurecon contributes to the complete solution.

Data & telecommunications

Increasing pressures are being placed on our infrastructure to deliver large quantities of data quickly and economically. Aurecon is working to deliver major data and telecommunication infrastructure solutions to meet this challenge.


Aurecon works with clients across the full spectrum of the energy supply chain globally, engaging with stakeholders from investors to technology providers through to communities to help transition to a low carbon energy economy.


As the transport market evolves, challenges arise which require non-traditional approaches and innovative solutions. Aurecon’s transport specialists have the expertise to successfully manage and deliver projects that respond to all our stakeholders' needs.


Sustainability, environmental protection, lifecycle performance and returns are key drivers across both public and private sectors. Aurecon is addressing these wider issues which affect many property projects in which we are involved.


Essential to every aspect of life is the security and resilience of water resources. From economic prosperity through to social cohesion and public health, Aurecon understands the true power of providing water services to meet the complex needs of tomorrow’s world.

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Herdi Husin

Herdi Husin

Director of Operations, Energy & Industrial – Indonesia


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