Aurecon understands the need for innovative, integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions to address water resources management.

Water resources management

Water resources management

Balancing consumption with supply is a core challenge for effective water resources management around the world

Balancing the pressures of development alongside long term prosperity for social, economic, environmental and health measures requires integrated thinking and specialised technical skill. Regeneration, not just sustainability, is the new goal for water resources management and planning in an increasingly uncertain world.

Increased water demand across all sectors, coupled with growing uncertainty in supply due to projected climate change impacts, presents a significant challenge to our clients’ operations. In order to unlock sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits linked to water resources, our highly experienced engineers and scientists provide support and skills to water authorities, government, local councils, and other organisations in varying geographies, economies and scales.

Our water resources management competencies are complemented by excellence in related disciplines of bulk water infrastructure, including dams, weirs, canals and hydropower plants as well as pipelines and pump stations and water treatment.

Our difference

Our ability to deliver innovative, integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions to address water resources management sets Aurecon apart. Our services encompass all project phases, from conception through to implementation and operation.

Our water specialists offer the complete range of engineering and scientific services to optimise the sustainable management of water resources. We address whole-of-life water resources management issues including hydrology and hydrological modelling, the development of integrated water resources management (IWRM) plans, feasibility studies for future water supply options, support for the development of ecological infrastructure, climate change impacts studies, flooding and drainage.

Aurecon invests in the development of our people and remains at the forefront of best practice and authentic design. We live our goal of bringing ideas to life.

How we deliver

Fresh water is a finite and scarce resource for which there is no substitute and an increasing demand in all regions. Water is not a typical economic good with many unique challenges that require specialist skills to deliver. That’s why we offer:

  • A fully integrated approach: we combine innovative and design thinking with constructive project delivery models to deliver cost-effective, sustainable solutions developed through a complete understanding of our clients’ needs.
  • Decades of experience in water resources management: we have over 80 years’ experience in delivering water solutions in Africa, as well as in our other geographies: Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Life-cycle management and design led engineering: for every project our water team develops an in depth understanding of the local water challenges and linked systems to offer a complete range of engineering and scientific services delivered through a process of design led thinking and engineering.

Our services

Our capabilities within water resources management include:

Water Resources Management

  • Integrated water resources strategy, management and planning
  • Catchment, allocation and drought modelling
  • International and trans-boundary river systems planning and management
  • Water resources infrastructure feasibility studies and investment strategies
  • Catchment management strategies and plans
  • Climate change assessment and adaptation
  • Environmental water science and environmental flow requirements
  • Water quality modelling, assessment and management
  • Water re-use, recycling and conservation management
  • Groundwater and aquifer modelling and management
  • Decision support and information management systems
  • Training and capacity building
  • Institutional and policy development and support
  • Socio-economic assessment
  • Advanced numerical and physical modelling
  • Irrigation feasibility studies and design

Flooding and Drainage

  • Bulk stormwater master planning and design
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Sustainable urban drainage system design
  • River and creek networks
  • Hydrologic analysis
  • Flood lines, flood mapping and management
  • Hydraulic analysis and design
  • Natural waterway management and design of engineered waterways
  • Fluvial geomorphology and sedimentation studies
  • Flood risk management and hazard assessment
  • Disaster risk management

Water for industry, mining and manufacturing

  • Management of mine and industrial water
  • Source water vulnerability assessments
  • Improved water use efficiency and resource recovery.


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