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Urban mobility & integrated transport

Urban mobility & integrated transport

Better transport networks in cities and urban areas; even better quality of life

A blend of transport planning and intelligent transport systems (ITS) experts that specialise in multiple areas including city shaping, strategic transport and mass transit planning, traffic engineering, safety, strategic micro-sim and pedestrian modelling, data analysis, intelligent transport systems design, strategic operations and business case development.

Our global population continues to grow and our cities' transport networks are under more and more pressure due to increasing urbanisation and global factors. At the same time, our expectations around choice and convenience are increasing, especially when it comes to commuting to work, dropping the kids off at school, or ducking out of town for a weekend adventure.

In an ideal world, our transport networks will work seamlessly, and congestion and other transport related issues will become a (not too fond) memory of the past. Just imagine: less traffic or train delays, better community planning, and multiple modes of transport with easier connections.

Seamless mobility in, gridlock out

By using data and intelligent transport infrastructure, we have the opportunity to unleash potential and redesign our transport experiences, while changing the way we approach our journeys from A – B. Think road and rail networks that move more freely, better alternative transport modes and smart mobility options such as on-demand services and car sharing.

Intelligent transport networks – the potential

Connected systems are continuing to support improved transport solutions through better coordination, more choice, improved safety and increased efficiency, allowing people and freight to move more freely across our global networks.

How do we envisage our transport future?

As a multimodal interconnecting ecosystem that will transform the way we live, work, and play. We will bring our collective skills together to tackle the multiple challenges and opportunities in front of us through a myriad of different lenses.

Our difference

We understand the growing demands for safer, smarter and more integrated transportation, and by doing so, we make sense of the complexities that exist in our growing world. We are the problem finders, and the problem solvers, and we help our clients innovate through design.

  • We are transport network designers – Our global team of experienced, passionate and creative specialists blend together a range of transport planning, engineering, digital operations and intelligent transport systems skills to properly execute people-centred design, with a focus on progressive technology.
  • Transport network planning – Through blending strategic transport planning with transport system operations, and capitalising on new opportunities around data and intelligent transport infrastructure, we have the opportunity to unleash potential and redesign our transport experiences. Our team’s size and scope allow us to tackle the most complex transport challenges of our growing cities and regional areas.

How we deliver

We understand what is important to our clients and our communities first – people are our priority. Our global team come equipped to combat the transport challenges of our growing cities and urban areas. We are involved in strategic transport planning, mass transit planning development, traffic engineering, strategic and pedestrian modelling, data analysis, intelligent transport systems, strategic operations and business case development.

interview with two men

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Throughout 2019, Aurecon explores the concept of collaboration and trust, and how these attributes have the power to redefine project outcomes.

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