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Integrated transport & mobility

Designing transport networks that transform how we live, work and play

Our global population continues to grow and our cities' transport networks are under more and more pressure due to increasing urbanisation and global factors. At the same time, our expectations around choice and convenience are growing, especially when it comes to commuting to work, dropping the kids off at school, or heading out of town for a weekend adventure.

In an ideal world, our transport networks would work seamlessly, and congestion and other transport related issues would become a memory of the past. Just imagine – less traffic or train delays, better community planning, and multiple modes of transport with easier connections.

To get us closer to this ideal world, Aurecon’s Integrated Transport & Mobility team brings together a blend of transport planners, engineers, and intelligent transport systems (ITS) experts. We specialise across multiple areas, including city shaping, strategic transport and mass transit planning, traffic engineering and safety, modelling and data analysis, ITS design, and strategic operations.

Why should travel demand management be considered for cities and regions post-COVID?

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Seamless mobility in, gridlock out

By using data and intelligent transport infrastructure, we can redesign our transport experiences, changing the way we approach our journeys from A to B. Think road and rail networks that move more freely, better access and provision for alternative modes of transport, and smart mobility options such as on-demand services and car sharing.

Intelligent transport networks – the potential

Connected systems are continuing to enhance transport solutions through better coordination, more information and choice, improving safety, and increasing efficiency that allows people and freight to move easily and seamlessly across our global networks.

How do we envisage our future transport system?

We have reimagined transport systems as multimodal interconnected networks that transform the way we live, work, and play. To shape these systems, Aurecon brings our collective skills to tackle our clients’ challenges and opportunities, viewing these through a myriad of different lenses.

What are the benefits of MaaS for communities and transport networks?

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Our difference

We understand the growing demands for safer, smarter and more integrated transportation. We make sense of the complexities that exist in our growing world. We are the problem finders, and the problem solvers, and we help our clients innovate through design.

Blending strategic transport planning with transport system operations, and capitalising on new opportunities around data analytics and smart infrastructure, we redesign the transport experience through people-centred design. Our team’s size and scope allow us to tackle the most complex transport challenges facing our growing cities and regional areas.

As cities grow and public expectations for low-carbon transport options increase, light rail and other forms of mass transit are experiencing a resurgence.

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What we deliver

Aurecon’s Integrated Transport & Mobility team provides a wide range of service offerings across the following key areas:

  • Transport Planning – Identifying the best way to move people and goods and what corresponding infrastructure is required
  • Traffic Engineering – Refining designs to allow for safe access and movement of people and good.
  • Modelling & Analytics – Assessing the performance of current and future infrastructure using digital tools
  • Intelligent Transport Systems – Planning, design and advisory services of transport technologies and smart mobility
  • Network Operations – Ensuring efficient, reliable, and safe operations of transport infrastructure and the wider network

How does a place-based approach stimulate economic growth, create jobs and support liveable, sustainable communities?

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