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Supporting the growth of our communities through the delivery and maintenance of state-of-the-art tunnels and tunnel systems

Tunnels play a critical role in the ongoing delivery and maintenance of the transport infrastructure required to support our modern world. As well as connecting communities, our road and rail tunnels provide pivotal links to support ongoing population growth by allowing people and freight to move more freely across our road and transport networks. Tunnelling often presents significant engineering challenges requiring practical knowledge, technical skills and commitment to achieve fruitful project outcomes – and, at Aurecon, our tunnel consultants are committed to overcoming these challenges.

The tunnels we design for construction within our cities and regional areas are successful examples of our state-of-the-art tunnel engineering expertise, and the legacy we continue to develop.

Our difference

Our technical engineering specialists unite to offer an integrated service. The depth of our tunnelling experience, and the size of our team, means we are able to successfully deliver on major projects through each stage of the project lifecycle – from pre-construction, right through to construction and asset management.

How we deliver

Our specialised and multidisciplinary team of tunnel consultants can design and deliver tunnels and tunnel systems in complex environments, utilising experience across multiple disciplines including structures, geotechnical, drainage, fire systems, sustainability, mechanical and electrical engineering.

We are dedicated to pioneering tunnel design and have our finger on the pulse when it comes to new technology. We use advanced 2D/3D continuum and discontinuum computer modelling, as well as traditional and practical engineering design methods.

Our internationally renowned engineering experience is exemplified through a diverse portfolio of ambitious tunnelling projects that demonstrate our abilities in design and geotechnical, to design creative and effective solutions, with a user-led approach.

interview with two men

What is the role of collaboration and trust in the infrastructure sector?

Australia’s infrastructure sector is riding a wave of major projects, each more complex than the next. So why are we seeing increasing delays, claims and even major players facing financial strain on the back of a once-in-a-generation opportunity?

Throughout 2019, Aurecon explores the concept of collaboration and trust, and how these attributes have the power to redefine project outcomes.

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neural road networks

Integrating design and construction works to keep road assets healthy

Our transport corridors are like the neural networks in our bodies. When there’s a problem, our body will send messages to our brain to fix the issue. Our road systems can do the same.

Through improved technology and better understanding of the data that we collect on our transport networks, we can plan sustainable outcomes for our roads that allow our networks to operate smarter.

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