Shanghai tower

Tall buildings

Tall buildings

Having worked on world class structures and landmark buildings around the globe, Aurecon has developed a reputation for innovative thinking and a focus on buildability, technical excellence and economical design.

While our experience spans across all types of buildings, we have developed particular expertise on tall buildings (>250m in height).

This is supported by our specialist services in:

We strive to consistently deliver tangible, long term benefits to our clients, including reduced construction time and building cost, thorough risk mitigation in design and construction, increased value for money in built form and innovative sustainability solutions.

We do this by ensuring our experienced teams include international market leaders within their fields and by staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and best practice.

Health and safety comes first in everything we do as it is a core value for Aurecon. We foster this by appointing experienced teams who combine a deep understanding of the management of health and safety with that of our clients.


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