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Claire Doyle, Aurecon

Claire Doyle, Design Manager, Rail

Design manager Claire Doyle understands the importance of addressing user needs when designing new or upgraded train stations. 

Will a pram make it on to the platform easily and safely? How about a wheelchair? These questions occupy her thoughts equally during the design phase, and when she’s out and about with her three children – Annabelle (8), Madeleine (6), and train enthusiast Lachlan (4).

Among her current projects, Claire is proud to be contributing to the More Trains More Services and Transport Access Program (TAP).

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These programs focus on providing safer, more efficient, and more accessible stations across New South Wales. For Claire, rail projects are gratifying to work on, because the engineering challenges they offer have relatable outcomes.

“I can see the problems, and I can see the difference it will make when these problems are solved,” she says. 

In a previous role, she worked on the new major upgrade to Redfern Station, which recently came online.

“It was just lovely to be able to create something that was better for the community. Our aim was – let's not just put something in here that's standard, off-the-shelf that will tick the boxes. Let's talk to people and see what they like and want they want.”

After graduating from university, Claire got her first engineering job working as a site engineer – the sole female alongside “300 big brothers” on an eight-storey commercial build in Dublin. Claire and her husband visited Australia for the first time on a round-the-world trip, and while here, she picked up contract work in the design office of the Westlink M7 project.

Five years later, she decided to make a permanent move down under. After first working on smaller projects such as rail sub-station upgrades, she eventually became the go-to rail specialist in her structural engineering team. For Claire, rail projects have an element commercial and residential builds lack – the constant operational needs of customers.

“It's a really unique environment in that your design is so driven from day one by the limitations in time and space for construction. The windows for construction are usually very small and short, and leave very little room for error.”

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Get in touch: 0410 360 198, Claire.Doyle@aurecongroup.com

Kevin Moloney, Aurecon

Kevin Moloney, Rail Operations Specialist

Kevin Moloney is happy to be the odd one out in a room full of engineers.

He got his start straight in rail as a shunter, before moving on to driving trains in London. Those early experiences have shaped how he’s approached rail infrastructure projects in the 30 years since – whether in the UK, Australia, or Asia.

“You can build the sexiest thing, you can build the most complicated thing, but if it's not going to work in the context of making services safer, more reliable, or more comfortable, it’s pointless,” Kevin says.

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It’s an approach he applies to the Melbourne Metro project, where he provides operational advice to the Victorian Government and the Aurecon joint venture team.

Kevin’s belief is that you can create cost-effective solutions to provide the best customer experience while also achieving greater reliability for the network.

Safety is another priority. Kevin points to the 1999 Ladbroke Grove rail crash in London, where 31 people died. In the wake of that tragedy, training and competence management were improved, and signaling technology was upgraded. It’s part of a broader digital transformation that continues in rail systems around the world.

“One of the outcomes from that incident was the rollout of advanced train control systems. The enhanced safety of digital systems and train control systems have the potential to bring improvements to not only safety, but efficiency and reliability as well,” Kevin says.

Given his pragmatic approach, Kevin doesn’t romanticise diesel or steam engines as many trainspotters do, but instead has a soft spot for AC locos.

His reasons?

“They were quieter, they weren't smelly, and they were more comfortable.”

For Kevin Moloney, customer centric considerations always win out.

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James Lennard, Aurecon

James Lennard, Rail Engineer

James Lennard is happy to embrace the “new normal” of customer-centric design.

“When we're working on passenger rail, everything we do comes back to helping the commuter have a better experience. What this means varies depending on the customer and the specific project involved.

Sometimes it can be easy to become tangled up in technical objectives and requirements of projects, and in the past there hadn't been as significant a focus on the customer.

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“Now, we focus on ensuring that not only all of the technical requirements are met, but also the way things are designed, organised, delivered, and the way construction is staged is not only acceptable but preferable to the end user, as well as our clients.”

James is putting his skills to good use on the major upgrade of Sydney’s Central Station. In particular, he’s been working on the rearrangement of the track to help provide more frequent and efficient passenger services.

“When things are really constrained you have a chance to really chew on the problem and try and come up with a useful solution – something that meets multiple objectives as opposed to just satisfying the standard requirements. It's about identifying what the most important and most significant things to try and achieve are, and then making sure you get those addressed.”

Technology is helping to bridge engineering expertise with community expectations. James experienced this first-hand recently while working on the concept design of a new maintenance facility.

“I was really surprised how effective a 3D rendering of the proposed works helped the public to understand and engage with the proposed design. It helped them provide really valuable feedback about how they would prefer things to be.”

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Renene Windsor, Aurecon

Renene Windsor, Design Manager

The most advanced rail system in the world can’t function without a safe and reliable supply of energy. That’s where electrical engineer Renene Windsor comes in.

For over a decade, Renene worked on power stations in Australia, New Caledonia, France, and the United States as an engineer and operations manager. She has put that experience to good use since joining the Energy team at Aurecon in 2010, working on a diverse range of projects including power generation, transmission and distribution, and then more recently in traction power.

Renene says rail poses some unique energy distribution challenges.

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“Power stations have very restricted access, whereas in train stations you have large numbers of the public coming within access of the electrical infrastructure on a daily basis which needs to be considered in the design.”

Through various traction power projects on the different rail networks, Renene has been a part of introducing best practice switchgear, remote switching, and modular buildings to reduce construction costs and time within the rail corridor.

These are examples, Renene says, of energy sector innovations that can readily be translated to rail.

“From an electrical engineering perspective, there are a lot of similarities. Electrons are still electrons.”

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Get in touch: 02 9465 5862, Renene.Windsor@aurecongroup.com

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