Light rail and mass transit

Creating modern, integrated transport options that unlock opportunities for people and communities

As cities grow and public expectations for low-carbon transport options increase, light rail and other forms of mass transit are experiencing a resurgence.

Around the world, governments are using light rail and mass transit to improve connectivity and reshape cities. Done well, mass transit systems can reinvigorate neighbourhoods, generating economic uplift and creating a distinct identity for the communities they inhabit. But most importantly, mass transit systems unlock opportunities – giving people greater choice in how they live, work and travel.

Aurecon has worked with city authorities to deliver light rail and rapid transit projects around the world, from initial scheme and business case development through to design, construction, and ongoing asset management. We understand the economics of successful rail and mass transit projects, ensuring the right mode is selected for the context, and community benefits are shared equitably.

Mass transit systems unlock opportunities – giving people choice in how they live, work and travel.

What is needed to realise the full benefits of light rail and mass transit?

Mass transit will play a critical role in making our cities more liveable, but it’s not a solution in and of itself.

To truly unlock its’ potential, mass transit must be viewed holistically, considering land use and zoning, economic development, and connections to walking and cycling routes and other transport modes, including rideshare and micromobility as they develop.

It may mean redesigning bus and rail networks or other operational changes that can have wide-ranging impacts.

Getting this upfront thinking right will enable the benefits of mass transit to be fully realised, generating land value uplift, urban revitalisation and enhanced community wellbeing.

Case study Connecting People and Places: Transforming Britomart Station

Aurecon Project Director Tom Ireland shares how the 109-year old Britomart Station has been transformed as part of the Auckland City Rail Link project.

Play video Britomart Station, Auckland CRL

Case study Delivering rapid transit networks and stations in Auckland

Hover over the map to see Aurecon’s experience delivering rapid transit networks and stations in Auckland.

New Zealand map Rail lines Yellow Orange Green Blue Purple

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How can Aurecon’s rapid transit expertise help you?

Aurecon combines our technical engineering and advisory expertise, to shape transport infrastructure that delivers value now and into the future.

We have a strong track record providing market-leading expertise across every stage of the project journey, from pre-engineering, feasibility, business cases, design, to construction phase services, as well as specialist advice on operations, maintenance and management of light rail and mass transit assets.

We believe in the power of engaging with stakeholders and including Iwi in New Zealand and Indigenous groups in Australia to build social licence, and ultimately, to shape a transport system that is fitting for the community it serves.

We embed sustainability throughout the design, construction and operation of mass transit systems, and apply our experience in station design and urban integration to ensure projects fit well within their context. We embrace the future of light rail and mass transit as being increasingly digital. New technologies impact how and where people live and work, and directly affect rail and transit needs.

For Aurecon, the key to success in this new environment is to harness imagination, link this to evolving digital tools and empower our teams to ensure rail and mass transit infrastructure is fit for the future.

Contact our mass transit leaders to find out more.

Rebecca Hollet, Aurecon

Rebecca Hollet

Rail & Mass Transit Client Lead, New Zealand
Sandi Robertson, Aurecon

Sandi Robertson

Associate, Rail & Mass Transit, New Zealand
Technical Director, Infrastructure Services

Worakarn Aimdee

Rail & Mass Transit Practice Leader, Thailand
+66 819307492

Mass transit expertise

Aurecon provides both technical engineering and advisory expertise for major light rail and mass transit projects internationally.

These services include:

Light rail and mass transit

Precincts: Place Reimagined

How does a place-based approach stimulate economic growth, create jobs and support liveable, sustainable communities?

At the heart of all precinct and placemaking projects are the people, communities and businesses they serve. Learn more about Aurecon's approach to precinct design.

Learn more from our local and global mass transit projects

The Metro Tunnel, Melbourne

Aurecon helps free up Melbourne’s biggest rail bottleneck planning the Metro Tunnel Project, the first step towards more frequent ‘turn up and go’ train services.

Newcastle Light Rail

The Newcastle Light Rail project is the backbone to the city, transforming the CBD as a key part of the NSW Government’s Revitalising Newcastle program.
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