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Partnering to meet the sustainable challenge of water infrastructure management


Helping the water industry meet the sustainable challenge of water infrastructure management.

The security and resilience of our water resources are essential to every aspect of life. That’s why the sustainable management of water infrastructure is a top priority for the water industry.

Water utilities, governments, and councils are facing enormous challenges in meeting the infrastructure requirements to serve growing populations and mitigate the impacts of climate change. An integrated approach to design, construction, operations, and management helps the water and wastewater industry meet these challenges.

An integrated approach to water infrastructure

At Aurecon, we take an integrated approach to water projects to help our clients realise the true value of water for our communities.

We apply our comprehensive knowledge of the water sector with design led engineering to create out of the box and cost-effective solutions. Our planning, design, and construction processes for water projects consider several key areas: water security, water use efficiency, climate resilience, sustainable sanitation, and reduced risk from water pollution and floods.

Our water capabilities are also critical in supporting future energy projects, including hydropower and improved energy efficiency for treatment and re-use of water, the design of critical transport links, agriculture, and the development of water sensitive cities.

To effectively manage increasing social and environmental pressures on water resources, we apply an interdisciplinary approach on water infrastructure engineering. We draw on an international pool of leading water experts and blend this with a local understanding of conditions and infrastructure to deliver truly transformational projects.

Aurecon is a true partner with our water clients and is pioneering a new model of delivery in the sector.

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A whole system approach to partnering with major water utilities

There is an increasing trend towards longer-term and more integrated partnerships with industry to deliver value-for-money to customers, to be more adaptable to the rapidly changing operational and environmental landscapes facing utilities, and to leave a legacy for regions and communities and the organisations that serve them.

Partnering requires a ‘whole system’ approach. For successful capital delivery and customer outcomes it is necessary to understand and manage all the following elements: water and wastewater resources; infrastructure; networks; and the people; tools; processes; business systems; timeframes; stakeholders; supply chains; regulations; and growth drivers.

This is a transition away from traditional engineering and construction contracts on a per-project basis, to a more collaborative form of delivery.

Aurecon is a true partner drawing from our experience on some of the largest partnerships with major utilities, including Sydney Water, SA Water, Urban Utilities, Water Infrastructure NSW, and Yarra Valley Water, to better plan, procure, deliver and manage water infrastructure.

With over 80 years of experience in the water sector, we partner with our clients, understanding we are just one drop in the water cycle. But one drop is all it takes to cause a ripple, make a wave, and create a better world.

A water partnership model is improving long-term water security and generating economic benefits to future generations of Australia.

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