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Reimagining a strong resources industry beyond decarbonisation

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Maintaining a strong and vibrant resources industry requires reimagining beyond decarbonisation

It is in the interests of all economies and producers to see heavy industries decarbonise, as the infrastructure and equipment required to decarbonise the rest of our economies requires the commodities and materials that the resources industry produces.

Business and asset performance, climate risk, sustainability, and stakeholder expectations all continue to challenge us to think differently, to reimagine what’s possible in the future for the resources industry and its vital role in enabling communities and economies to prosper.

Reimagining assets and operations to maximise opportunities

At Aurecon, we look at problems differently, reframe opportunities and bring together diverse opinions and ideas to successfully shape, design and deliver projects that enable the sustainable mining, production, and transport of commodities and materials to the world.

Our resources industry experience is increasingly in demand to help clients to navigate complexity, risk and often conflicting stakeholder and operational requirements to unveil the right strategic, operational and project opportunities.

Our teams include former mining company executives and operational leaders as well as practitioners who represent the pinnacle of technical mastery in industrial systems and complex machines, process systems, ports and marine and power and energy.

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How we deliver

Aurecon strives to understand clients’ problems, asking the right questions to deliver impactful outcomes. Whether it be using data and analytics to optimise capital deployed and reduce down-time during upgrades and maintenance programmes; delivering a more profitable, sustainable and fit for the purpose operation with assets performing at their true potential, or facilitating human centred and climate smart design of complex machines.

We co-create with our clients, shaping projects and developing business cases through to detailed design, delivery, closure, repurposing and beyond through:

Increasing the productivity of operations

Operating assets are core to Aurecon’s strategic value in the clients we serve. We focus investment in the continued development of our deep technical expertise and towards seeking out hidden problems. We do this by understanding our clients’ aspirations and unlocking the value that is sometimes difficult to see.

Building and sustaining infrastructure that secures terms of trade

Our legacy is export supply chains. Aurecon knows the supply chains we create enable global trade of some of the most in need commodities. The impact of this trade is intergenerational and enables us to reach communities far beyond borders. We continue our decades long legacy of providing bespoke and optimised solutions for commodity supply chain infrastructure across the globe.

Navigating climate change performance

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. The work Aurecon does with our clients to protect and enhance their performance by responding to the risks and opportunities created by climate change will be our biggest contribution to society.

We recognise we have a broader stewardship role to play as designers, engineers, and advisors to help communities and economies to thrive. Our approach is to maximise the benefits of change to enable greater performance and choice for our clients’ operations and leadership.

Creating a legacy for regional communities

Our clients’ operations have a regional impact. Aurecon’s approach is to assist clients to enable positive intergenerational impacts in the regional communities they touch through their operations. We look beyond the life of the asset to enable our clients to maximise the benefit of their presence throughout the lifecycle of their operation and enable regional communities to create a legacy beyond the life of operations.

Guiding the development of future industries

We invest with our clients to explore the art of the possible. Bringing our unique perspective and research capability to enable our clients to discover new pathways, products, and markets. Aurecon brings together a unique blend of advisory, technical and insights to enable the value of applied research for our clients and for future generations.

Commodities and materials of focus

Commodities and materials of focus – Base mineral

Base minerals

Commodities and materials of focus – Precious Minerals

Precious metals

Commodities and materials of focus – Chemicals


Commodities and materials of focus – Industrial Minerals

Industrial materials

Commodities and materials of focus – Iron Ore

Iron ore

Commodities and materials of focus – Metallurgical Coal

Metallurgical coal

Commodities and materials of focus – Critical Minerals

Critical minerals

Commodities and materials of focus – Bauxite, Alumina and Aliminium

Bauxite, alumina and aluminium

Commodities and materials of focus – Steel and Green Steel

Steel and green steel


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