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The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of investors, developers and owners across their property asset portfolios is integral to future sustainability.

Throughout history, designers and engineers have created structures that have enhanced the way we engage with our built environment, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. From Leonardo da Vinci and Gustave Eiffel to Frei Otto, our cities and towns have been created through strategic planning combined with innovative thinking in response to the economic, social and environmental conditions of the time.

Today is no different. Property markets worldwide continue to be disrupted through economic and political volatility, technological advancements, and the impacts of climate change. It is essential to continue to draw on smart, strategic thinking, innovation and a human-centred approach to create the property assets that are essential to our communities.

Increasingly, property stakeholders are demanding that assets meet sustainability goals, performing across their entire lifecycle from the perspectives of environmental sustainability, financial return on investment (ROI), and social outcomes. Whether designing and building new assets or managing an existing asset or portfolio, the opportunity to improve ESG performance should be considered from the outset.

With a focus on sustainability, resilience, flexibility, safety, security, and the health and wellbeing of end-users at the forefront, it is vital that our buildings of the future withstand the test of time.

Why hasn’t industrialised construction disrupted the way we design and construct buildings of the future?

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Uniquely positioned to advise, design, manage and deliver across property asset portfolios and lifecycles

Aurecon’s advisory expertise, deep technical skills, digital capability and vast experience across property assets gives us unique insights into our clients’ challenges. This enables us to help clients achieve their goals from strategy through to design, delivery and ongoing operations and upgrades. We work with our clients across commercial property, sports and entertainment, retail, leisure, mixed-use developments and justice sub-markets.

We can provide strategic advice, including sustainability and climate change advisory to help organisations develop a roadmap to meet their net zero carbon goals. We can assist with business case development, feasibility studies, and the creative visualisation of projects to communicate the project vision to stakeholders.

Our technical and advisory expertise in future energy solutions, engineering design, project management, asset management and performance and sustaining capital helps our clients meet their project and ongoing asset performance targets. We draw on our digital capabilities and tools, such as digital twins and machine learning, to provide accurate data for strategic decision-making to improve efficiencies, drive down costs and decrease energy usage. 

Our whole of life capability

Integrated design, engineering and advisory

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Delivering whole-of-life capability for property infrastructure Infrastructure advisory Sustainability and climate change Future energy Communication and stakeholder engagement Environment and planning Building design Digital engineering advisory Program advisory Asset management

Support services include master planning, precinct planning and land infrastructure, geotechnical investigations and analyses, topographical surveying and traffic impact studies, while our specialist fire, acoustic, lighting and facade engineers are providing market leading solutions for clients worldwide.

Our advanced modelling technology resolves complex planning and design issues, and can offer significant cost savings over the term of a project.

We can assist with the challenges of difficult site conditions, seismic conditions and tall buildings. We can explore opportunities to decrease embodied and operational carbon through Life Cycle Analysis and the relative merits of low carbon materials including low carbon concrete, timber or recycled steel.

How does a place-based approach stimulate economic growth, create jobs and support liveable, sustainable communities?

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Delivering sustainable, human-centred design enabled by innovation and technology

Aurecon takes a human-centred approach to design, incorporating sustainability, innovation and the latest digital tools to enable efficiency, productivity, and the best environmental, social and governance outcomes for our clients.

  • Digital and Innovation – As early adopters of digital technologies, we bring the latest and most appropriate tools including machine learning and real-time visualisation to the design, delivery and operational improvement of assets
  • Human-centred design – We believe that taking a human centred design approach, enhanced through technology, can improve the outcomes for assets and end-users
  • Integrated design – We facilitate holistic design decisions for each challenge through a transdisciplinary approach by drawing on a strong cohort of property market experts and advisory and technical leaders from around our business
  • Sustainability – Working with our clients to understand their sustainability goals, we help to ensure they meet their net zero carbon targets by reducing energy, waste and water and exploring opportunities to decrease embodied carbon in new developments, relifing of existing assets and supply chains. Being cognisant of financial imperatives, we uncover ways to decrease expenditure in both capital and operational works, while always keeping the end-users front and centre.

With so much uncertainty, how can organisations and employees prepare for the future workplace?

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