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Creating value for manufacturers, while sustaining the world we live in


Whether it’s producing the food to feed our communities, drugs and medicines to improve our health, electronics and automobiles to simplify our lives, or jobs that underpin our economy, manufacturing is vital to the communities we live in and our lifestyles.

Providing goods and services to consumers everywhere at an accessible and affordable level is only achievable through strong and vibrant businesses.

At Aurecon we know that communities in every region we operate in, need and rely on the products of our manufacturing clients. Ensuring manufacturers achieve success, and are able to do so in a way that protects and preserves our environment, is a resonating purpose in what we do.

Being at the forefront of manufacturing success, we also know the industry is facing a profound structural shift. Our connected and interconnected lives are driving the creation of new channels to market almost daily. Automation, digitisation and robotics are fundamentally changing the manufacturing process.

Aurecon is finding the solutions to the future paradigm of manufacturing. Our creative engineering skills, enveloped in an integrative thinking model, are helping our clients negotiate this complex set of interdependent and inter-related issues and creating new value for them.

What makes us distinctly different to other engineering consulting companies is our proven ability to deliver a holistic engineering and business approach that creates value for sophisticated manufacturers, while respecting and sustaining the world we live in.

Our group is advancing many areas of production technologies through the deployment of solutions such as digital automation and robotics to reduce costs, improve quality and raise productivity, as well as implementing greater efficiency on end to end business performance through using data analytics to link sales volumes in real time to production volumes.

Aurecon takes an end to end approach in improving the whole business of our manufacturing clients. We design solutions which impact positively on how clients plan, source, transform and deliver goods to their customers. This is where we excel. This is our area of competitive advantage.

We work across a range of manufacturing industries with particular emphasis on the knowledge intense and technology rich environments including advanced manufacturing, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.

Digital project delivery techniques

Using the latest digital project delivery techniques improves accuracy and provides greater context for the end user.

Creating the future of manufacturing

This video series examines the future of manufacturing: how the goods and services delivered by manufacturers around the world enrich our lives, and how we can design new manufacturing capability using digital innovation.

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