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Planning and building networks for today and tomorrow

Data & telecommunications

Skilled and strategic planning is needed to make the decisions today that will improve the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of data and telecommunication services into the future.

Data and telecommunications is the essential infrastructure for our increasingly digitally-connected world. As new technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart sensors, driverless vehicles and virtual reality become mainstream, the infrastructure required to host and distribute this capability and data will increase. In this environment, the need for resilience, speed, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability will be essential.

Expertise and experience matter

Aurecon’s multidisciplinary expertise, track record of working with major clients across their global asset portfolios, design-led thinking and digital engineering approach is a guiding force behind projects that are solving the complex problems that businesses are facing and will continue to face in the future.

Working closely with our clients, we pursue new ideas and generate new knowledge that can have profound impacts on the digital landscape, our environment and the communities in which we operate. From the smallest technological advance to seamless 5G integrations, we aim to partner with our clients to bring ideas to life.

At Aurecon, we plan and build networks for today and tomorrow. We deliver quickly and efficiently by ensuring our clients have one point of contact for everything from strategic advice, design, structural analysis, permits, community consultation, and site acquisition. Our goal is to deliver projects to market faster.

We deliver a lifecycle approach to data and telecommunications assets. Our strategic asset management plans blend our clients’ business objectives with capacity, demand and asset condition to determine optimum asset strategies, supported by clear investment decision-making.

Aurecon's ‘whole of project’ approach provides an integrated service solution. We help to deploy networks, as well as manage infrastructure and buildings for data and telecommunication services. Our consulting teams are at the forefront of 5G technology, the Internet of Things, sustainability and climate change risk advisory, technical due diligence and smart building design.

We help plan and build data and telecommunications infrastructure for a more connected future.

Lifecycle delivery

Aurecon is able to deliver services across the entire lifecycle of a single asset or portfolio.

Asset optimisation and sustaining capital

We ensure safety, accessibility and maintainability are included in the design and feasibility phase. We deliver a clear plan regarding how assets can be optimised for future needs and we continue to support clients with asset management and performance, and sustaining capital projects across the entire lifecycle of the asset and portfolio. New digital technologies and changing customer behaviour affects how we do business. By harnessing imagination, and empowering teams to connect across economies, businesses and communities we can resolve how processes and systems stand up to technical challenges over time.

Data centres

We help our clients to develop reliable, efficient, and sustainable data centres by delivering innovative solutions that match their needs in terms of facility type, size, capacity, reliability, capital and operating cost, together with commercial return on investment.

Electromagnetic Energy (EME) compliance services

We help our clients make sense of everything from EME compliance services such as regular measurements for verification and regulatory checks to environmental checks, site management, education and training, and issue mitigation; so, they can provide fast, reliable wireless connections while protecting people.

Infrastructure advisory services

We work with clients to understand their business and investment needs, asset-related issues, and the potential links between the strategic, technical, commercial and legal aspects of assets and operations. We develop business cases and undertake technical due diligence to assist with the sale and purchase of single assets or entire portfolios. We also partner with global technology vendors, contractors and end users to ensure the very best skills and expertise are available to our clients.

Innovation in design

Aurecon takes a design-led thinking approach to challenge and become the catalyst that brings forth new ideas and knowledge. We utilise drones to capture imagery for 3D photogrammetry and computational shape analysis, providing highly accurate 3D models for design and maintenance planning. We have developed an advanced structural modelling capability and IP that is able to analyse a wide range of telecommunication structures. Our digital twin capability enables us to create a digital copy of assets and portfolios for more accurate insights to enable more efficient and strategic decision-making.

Smart cities & buildings of the future

As the demand for a more digitally-connected built environment increases, the design of our cities and buildings will also need to change to make sense tomorrow. We see a future where telecommunication assets take on new forms, and are being integrated into buildings and infrastructure, making more efficient use of our ever-growing cities, all creating a more connected global community.

Sustainability and climate change consulting

We work with clients to protect and enhance their business performance by responding to the risks and opportunities presented by sustainability and climate change. Organisations need to consider how climate change will affect their business models, supply chains, infrastructure and investments. We work with clients to assess their climate change risk, then develop and test strategies and business plans. We typically plot pathways for clients that allow them to proceed at a pace that suits them, giving different options based on cost savings, appetite for investment and need to demonstrate progress. We take a practical approach supported by deep knowledge and experience of the technologies available to achieve net zero carbon goals.

Wireless networks

We help clients stay ahead of the curve with the introduction of new technologies and new frequencies, and we make sure that new assets can co-exist with existing ones. While the 5G standard is being developed and technology is changing, providers need the confidence and sense making to make the right infrastructure and asset decisions. We give our clients the confidence to understand what the 5G standard will require and the advice to update internal information systems and processes accordingly.

Data centres have always been mission critical infrastructure. How do we ensure they are fit for the future?

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