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Integrated design

Connecting people and place through an integrated design approach

As the values of our communities shift, and we transition to a more sustainable, liveable future, it is vital that the places we design are connected and are embraced by the community.

The challenges in delivering urban and regional projects that connect people to place, require holistic thinking and approaches that identify and resolve the social, environmental and economic imperatives at play.

Key to overcoming the challenges of delivering complex cities, is the ability to balance the project vision on the one side with tight timeframes and budgets, and multiple stakeholders and technical disciplines on the other. It is this balanced approach to complex placemaking design problems that will create positive legacy for communities and the environment.

A balanced approach to complex placemaking design problems will create positive legacy for communities and the environment.

Our difference

Aurecon is an industry leader in delivering integrated design, advisory and engineering solutions.

When delivering complex city shaping projects, our team combine technical expertise, targeted methodology, bespoke processes and a depth of experience and knowledge to deliver projects that create liveable outcomes for future generations.

Acting as a creative thinking partner we help clients unlock potential and innovative ideas across the full spectrum of project types and lifecycles.

We discover and nurture the connections needed to create a balanced approach to complex design problems, thinking critically and make discerning decisions.

Our team brings a deep understanding of people and place, cities and precincts. Championing a creative and evidenced based design-led approach, our unique blend of skills and knowledge across customer insights, strategy, urban design, user centred design, architecture, and landscape architecture help shape and support project vision and inspire change.

Collaboration is at the core of successful outcomes. We advocate for a design-led process to ensure projects achieve their objectives. By working closely with clients, collaborating with stakeholders and technical experts and developing partnerships, we help clients achieve their goals and deliver projects that meet the needs of users both now and into the future.

thinking partner

Creative thinking partner - Aurecon

Our team brings different ways of thinking to projects. We draw, we research, we critically analyse. We communicate effectively and create clear objectives. Throughout the process we become trusted partners that listen to find connections between people and place.

collaborative process

Design-led collaborative process - Aurecon

Our team are experienced designers at heart. We draw on our unique experience and use an iterative, collaborative and researched processes to uncover better, more meaningful outcomes.

Depth of experience
and knowledge

Depth of experience and knowledge - Aurecon

Our diverse background and experience give us a collective deep and varied knowledge base that we bring to the delivery of complex projects that leave a legacy for clients and the community.

positive legacy

Delivering positive legacy - Aurecon

We help clients shape and deliver on project visions, finding innovation through process and helping stakeholders collaborate to make critical decisions to realise the highest potential for projects, the community and the environment.

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How we deliver

Our multidisciplinary team brings together collective intelligence and expertise to drive innovation. We apply insight, critical thinking and knowledge across each aspect of the project lifecycle to understand what’s possible and deliver on strategic objectives.

As creative thinking partners, we understand that the journey is as important as the destination. Listening, collaborating and being discerning decision makers is critical to solving the right problem and achieving success. We have a strong track record of delivering projects with government agencies, developers and city shapers within communities.

We work with clients to understand project objectives, bringing a wide lens and depth of experience to the project. We help shape the project vision and critically review the project methodology and key decision points to drive better outcomes overall.

Our specialised teams work closely and cooperatively with all engineering disciplines and other design specialists to drive innovation, drawing on a collective understanding of what’s possible and a collaborative approach to problem solving and delivering long-term value.

The approach to each project is bespoke and based on the requirements. Our team seeks to understand the issues at hand and then co-creates a process to deliver practical solutions across the project lifecycle.

How Aurecon is delivering integrated design solutions to clients
How Aurecon is delivering integrated design solutions to clients

Our services

Our team partners with clients from the spark of an idea through to full-service design delivery and construction to facilitate the creation of meaningful, impactful, and successful places.

By collaborating with stakeholders, our team delivers value across the project lifecycle. We support the project vision becoming reality throughout the process. This includes preparing master plans, feasibility studies, site investigations, design visioning, stakeholder engagement workshops and collaborating with technical experts. Our experience spans precinct and city shaping projects as well as providing specific advice and project management to large programmes of work.

Aurecon partners with clients to understand policy and strategic objectives


We partner with clients to understand policy and strategic objectives and then work through practical and technical mechanisms to meet and measure these objectives.

Our key strengths lie in:

  • Putting people at the centre
  • Creating liveable places
  • Green-blue infrastructure
  • Urban design
  • Guidance notes
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We collaborate with all technical disciplines, knowledge holders and stakeholders to gain a holistic understanding of place. We find the connections between people and place and embed them into strategic outcomes, creating a long-term vision for the community and the environment.

Our offering includes:

  • Experience design
  • Precinct design
  • Urban design frameworks
  • Business case development
  • Strategy development
  • Master-planning
  • Design visioning
  • Feasibility studies
Aurecon partners with clients to understand policy and strategic objectives


We work with clients to shape and support the realisation of the project vision. We find balance between project objectives, technical constraints and opportunities, finding innovation in complexity by collaborating with stakeholders. We think critically and partner with you to make purposeful decisions, to create successful projects.

Implementation includes:

  • Project-client leadership
  • Design investigation
  • User research and design testing
  • Advocacy
  • Design championing
  • Design guidelines
  • Independent review
Aurecon partners with clients to understand policy and strategic objectives


We champion a design-led process to unlock opportunities and find inherent value in places.

We bring our extensive experience and knowledge and partner with technical experts to deliver on the project vision:

  • Concept Design
  • Detailed Design


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