Aurecon will help organisations make better decisions about the asset base to deliver infrastructure projects that improve both productivity and quality of life

Bringing investment value to life

Infrastructure advisory

Shaping infrastructure decisions for resilient asset outcomes

With demand for investable infrastructure projects and programmes often outstripping supply, organisations are being challenged to provide satisfactory investment returns for owners while also improving the well-being and resilience of communities and the environment.

Achieving these outcomes requires a deep understanding of the way that commercial project outcomes must address corporate strategy and stakeholder expectations of return on investment. We make this possible by combining our advisory, design and engineering services to drive asset value and organisational transformation.

Aurecon’s infrastructure advisory specialists work with public and private organisations to help them navigate strategic, technical, commercial and risk uncertainties to inform major infrastructure investment and support project delivery requirements.

We also work with clients to navigate the integrated planning requirements to transition assets in response to market and stakeholder pressures necessitating operational shifts.

Our difference

Aurecon is uniquely positioned to interpret the strategic, commercial, technical and risk language of organisations and convert these into actions to improve performance and asset value.

Our value to clients is the way we connect strategy with infrastructure delivery to optimise the quality and rationale of investment decisions regarding new or existing assets. This results in capital productivity improvements, together with improved returns across asset portfolios, and enables our clients to meet their stakeholder and customer expectations.

Our transparent and auditable approach uses digital engineering and visualisation to test a richer range of potential solutions than is possible using traditional methods of design.

Partnering with clients across a range of markets, in locations worldwide, our six integrated advisory offerings help shape your assets for competitive advantage.

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Infrastructure advisory services for asset-intensive clients

Our advisors and management consultants deliver strategic advisory services spanning the entire infrastructure asset lifecycle. Our advice extends beyond solely conceptual solutions, informed by our broad engineering, delivery and management capabilities.

Investment advisory

In asset intensive organisations (both private and public), ensuring that investment decisions are optimised for asset procurement, management, renewal, or closure is a fundamental driver of organisational success and value delivery.

We support our clients to make informed investment decisions that address funding availability constraints, and macro environmental factors, backed by digitally-enabled analysis and insights.

Our experience and knowledge of assets, economics and commercial risk, and the markets we work in, ensures that our clients can respond to current and future challenges. We do this by delivering:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Economics and regulatory advice
  • Integrated business case developments

To partner with Aurecon for making informed investment decisions, contact investment advisory lead, Rebecca Hollett.

Risk and assurance strategy

We believe a firm that designs and manages the construction of assets is best placed to understand clients’ infrastructure development, delivery and management risks, and provide confidence that asset investment aligns with strategic intent.

Our team provides end-to-end risk and assurance strategies for meaningful enterprise, strategic and capital asset outcomes. We support senior decision-makers to define complex problems, manage ambiguity, and navigate dynamic environments with:

  • Strategic risk and assurance
  • Enterprise risk and assurance
  • Capital asset program risk and assurance

Ashurst and Aurecon advisory alliance

In an industry first alliance with global law firm Ashurst, we seamlessly combine engineering, technical and legal advisory where asset and legal risk exposures and opportunities intersect. The complex challenges faced by today’s business leaders requires new thinking. Together, we provide game-changing eminence and deep expertise from multiple perspectives, delivered cohesively to drive progress and achieve results.

To obtain confidence that your asset investment aligns with strategic intent, contact risk and assurance strategy lead, Michael Tafe.

Asset portfolio strategy and transition planning

Providing integrated planning and overarching planning advice so that our clients can address complex challenges such as sustaining capital investment, management of economic outcomes, safety, reliability, maintenance regimes, environmental approvals, rehabilitation, maintaining a social licence to operate, and future asset use.

Aurecon’s infrastructure advisory specialists lead this conversation for clients through:

  • Closure strategy, transition and renewal planning
  • Sustaining capital: portfolio planning
  • Asset reinvestment strategy and decision frameworks
  • Asset portfolio planning

For asset portfolio strategy and transition planning contact asset portfolio strategy and transition planning lead, Simon Mezger.

Major infrastructure development

We partner with our clients and stakeholders to achieve better placemaking outcomes for communities and regions to support economic growth by integrating land use and infrastructure investment planning.

We help clients masterplan, shape the strategic intent of projects, and deliver long-term infrastructure solutions. Asset owners have access to our knowledge and experience to make optimal procurement pathway decisions, assess different contracting models, and improve value realisation on large and complex projects. We provide:

  • Master planning and project shaping
  • Asset options development
  • Technical, procurement and contract advisory

To shape the intent of your project or develop options for delivery, contact major infrastructure development lead, Matthew Willard.

Management consulting

Using a combination of strategic, commercial and technical knowledge and experience, we support clients to deconstruct and solve ambiguous problems where solutions can only be found by truly understanding the intersection, overlaps and gaps between strategy, operational value and delivery.

We focus on addressing challenges where making strategic choices about an asset may have an impact on these factors. Our services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Policy development
  • Operating and business model design and reform
  • Problem structuring and decomposition

For the solving of complex and ambiguous infrastructure or asset challenges, contact management consulting lead, Julian Mitton.

Partnering with Ashurst, for when asset and legal risk exposure and opportunity intersects

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