Aurecon will help organisations make better decisions about the asset base to deliver infrastructure projects that improve both productivity and quality of life.

Infrastructure advisory

Infrastructure advisory

Helping organisations make better decisions about the asset base to deliver infrastructure projects that improve both productivity and quality of life.

Changing demographics, rapid urbanisation, technological changes and evolving customer expectations are placing greater pressure on infrastructure projects in both government and private sectors. With demand for investable projects outstripping supply, organisations are being challenged to deliver infrastructure projects that improve both productivity and quality of life.

Sound decision-making that balances community need, investor return, alignment to organisation strategy and appropriate risk modelling is fundamental in prioritising asset portfolios to meet the service delivery needs of customers into the future. Integrating technical, commercial, legal and operational functions is a key component of this decision-making process.

Our difference

Few organisations have the in-house capital asset competencies to define and manage complex facility projects.

We work to resolve the challenge government and private sector organisations face in prioritising projects that will drive maximum value from each investment. By integrating expertise and aligning project workstreams we deliver efficient approval, engineering, procurement, and construction of major infrastructure projects across the globe.

We focus on solving the core problems associated with infrastructure investment from defining the service need, to presenting a clear and compelling business case for funding. We adopt a transparent and auditable approach to help organisations understand the links between the asset base and the service outcomes required.

How we deliver

The combined expertise of our teams is strategically structured to achieve the right project outcomes. Our teams are led by technical advisors who have:

  • Project expertise and/or sector knowledge
  • Transaction management experience
  • Risk/procurement knowledge
  • Relevant subject matter experts aligned to project needs

By incorporating subject matter expertise from Aurecon’s broader engineering and technical capability, we can scale up as needed to meet workload peaks, particularly during the procurement phase of a project.

Our advisors deliver services that span the whole infrastructure lifecycle, including:

  • Business case strategy, analysis and design
  • Due diligence incorporating technical, commercial and financial interfaces
  • Technical consulting on risk, procurement, consultation and team management
  • Asset decision framework strategy including modelling, benchmarking and analysis
  • Risk advisory services to connect strategic objectives with project and asset performance
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Future transport: Understanding what Australians want

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Aurecon Advisory engineering services

Imagining what is possible, we turn problems into solutions.

Partnering with clients across a range of markets, in locations worldwide, our six global integrated advisory offerings help shape your assets for competitive advantage, delivering value across all project stages and unlocking the potential a future-ready asset base provides.

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