Ground & underground engineering

Ground & underground engineering

Ground & underground engineering

Combining our global ground and underground engineering expertise with multidisciplinary knowledge helps us meet the evolving needs of our growing communities

Fundamental to community-shaping road and tunnel, rail and other civil engineering projects, is ground and underground engineering. And we know it well.

Our specialist skills are exemplified through our work on projects across the world such as Metro Tunnel, Auckland City Rail Link, St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort and The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, and our knowledge extends across all stages of project delivery, right from the beginning of the conceptual phase and down to the specialist supervision for construction on major projects.

Our difference

  • We have the best minds for the task – What is the ultimate strength of our ground engineering capability? Our people. Our global team are passionate, and get the job done.
  • Depth of experience – Our expertise cuts across a range of markets including transport, construction, property and resources, with a particular focus on tunnels, tunnel systems, pavements, geotechnical and underground civil and structures. Using our in-depth understanding and broad experience across these disciplines, we are able to build trustworthy relationships with our clients and strongly deliver on projects.
  • All-inclusive approach – Integrating our strengths with our capability and insight, we offer a unified ground and underground engineering approach to the projects we work on.

How we deliver

  • We challenge the status quo – The world is becoming increasingly complex and ambiguous – this draws the need to be more creative, now more than ever. By coupling our skills with our passion for challenging the status quo, we are able to solve our client’s most complex problems.
  • Digital data and design We are at the forefront of using digital tools on our projects. Using new technology, we are able to streamline processes by using tools to better collaborate with our project partners, and our clients. We can provide comprehensive understanding of our designs and can present data in ways that enhance project understanding and provide a 360 view of the work we do.
  • Bespoke services for your market – We know that our clients’ needs differ from region to region, and from market to market. For this reason, we tailor our services, and our teams, to suit the location and market of our clients.


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