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Geospatial systems

Geospatial systems

Aurecon’s geospatial professionals are embedded throughout the business to provide cross-cutting services to many expertise areas.

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists are qualified in other disciplines such as planning, resource management and environmental science, and have a sound understanding of the environment in which our projects take place and in the technical details of their delivery.

The term "Geospatial' encapsulates the measurement, mapping and management of spatial information. Within Aurecon our Geospatial market offering comprises two main groups: ‘Geospatial Services’ and ‘Spatial Surveying’.

Geospatial Services

For the past twenty years, Aurecon has been successfully delivering geospatial business systems and software solutions to our international clients. Our extensive and globally dispersed team of geospatial professionals draw on a unique combination of industry experience, business acumen and technical knowledge to deliver innovative business solutions across a wide variety of disciplines and industries.

We share a single common aim to utilise cutting edge geospatial technologies and methodologies to deliver projects focussed on achieving our client’s objects. We understand that the key to our success lies in partnering technical solutions with building strong relationships with our clients and developing an understanding of their drivers, influences and business objectives.

Aurecon has recently been accepted as an ESRI Business Partner which demonstrates our commitment to the industry and to our technological expertise.

Aurecon is committed to an organisation-wide Building Information Modelling (BIM) strategy, of which spatial technologies are a key component, providing tools for data capture, processing and visualisation of complex engineering and architectural models. In Australasia the Geospatial Group have developed expertise in the provision of enterprise tools, systems and methodologies that integrate with BIM workflows to support all aspects of construction, transport and environmental projects. We use cutting edge mobile and web technologies to enable seamless integration of spatial data with document management, project control and scheduling tools, and provide a streamlined approach to integrated project workflows.

Our geospatial team across South Africa have demonstrated many years of development and delivery of disaster management and risk assessment applications and of specialised consultancy to local, regional and national government agencies.

In addition to our key competencies, our Geospatial Team have also developed a significant record of project experience in the following areas:

  • Data modelling, management and integration
  • Mobile GIS data capture and application development, survey integration
  • Asset management specification, capture, and system integration
  • Spatial analysis and environmental assessments
  • Mapping, standards and metadata
  • 3D visualisation, modelling, and animation
  • Web based GIS and collaboration solutions
  • Integrated workflows across CAD and GIS technologies

Spatial Surveying

Encapsulated within the Geospatial Systems market group is the Spatial Surveying team. This group works across the world, providing a broad range of surveying and spatial capture services to our clients. The team is highly mobile and has the capacity and flexibility to meet any workload, with the same high quality of service every time.

The surveying team includes senior professional surveyors, project managers, technical officers, drafters and GIS specialists. Experienced in both public and private sector projects, we understand the demand to meet the technical needs and timelines of survey services work, and we have a strong focus on applying the right technology for every project.

Our experienced surveying team is backed by specialists with major infrastructure and construction project experience. Our broad range of surveying expertise provides clients with a one-stop shop for innovative and professional surveying services, and covers all the surveying needs for building or civil engineering developments.

The team provide physical on-site expertise as well as consulting advice on projects in the following areas:

  • Cadastral/Legalisation surveys
  • Engineering surveys (including site surveys and construction set-out)
  • Laser scanning: Static and Mobile options
  • Management of LiDAR and UAV aerial capture and Quality assurance
  • Deformation monitoring
  • 3D site modelling


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