Aurecon leads clients to remain at the forefront, harness the opportunities and navigate the risks of the energy transition.

Bringing energy transition to life

Future energy

Managing the energy transition

Helping organisations develop strategies, targets, policies and projects that harness the opportunities and navigate the risks of the energy transition.

Energy systems and markets are the most complex machines in the world.

As organisations navigate rising energy prices, disruptive market and policy forces, the challenges of renewables uptake and a consumer-driven desire to lower carbon emissions, energy transition has emerged as a top business risk.

Our difference

We understand that customers, shareholders, partners, investors and employees have an increasingly vested interest in how organisations are managing their energy transition. The transition and choices available are different for each organisation and are becoming more intrinsically linked to an organisation’s social licence to operate.

Aurecon helps our clients to remain at the forefront of the energy transition, using design-led thinking to articulate visions, explore scenarios and map out pathways to deal with the risks and opportunities.

As a leader in the future energy value chain from renewable energy generation, storage, network transmission and distribution through to end uses such as transport and export, Aurecon has the ability to connect strategy to execution and implementation.

As the world grapples to address the energy trilemma of cost, reliability and sustainability, our expertise is increasingly in demand to help guide sustainable asset transformation and accelerate decarbonisation across industry, including the integration of low emissions technology like hydrogen, to unlock future energy potential.

We also help organisations to reimagine their role in their value chain and understand how they can power and fuel their assets to meet their objectives.

Discover how Aurecon is helping our clients to remain at the forefront of the energy transition. Watch this video.

How we deliver

Our work may take the form of setting an energy transition strategy, working with you on a decarbonisation strategy, advising on the diversification of business models and transitioning workforces to adapt to energy transition, or a combination of opportunities. Our teams can guide you through the uncertainty and work through possible scenarios to help plan your energy transition one step at a time.

We use our strategic, commercial and deep technical expertise to provide an understanding of technologies and market fundamentals, support investment decisions and commercial negotiations, and inform engagement in market reform.

New low-carbon technologies are coming to market all the time. The integration of future energy and fuel technologies like hydrogen is critical – although the technical solutions exist, Aurecon helps organisations to identify the right technology, determine a return on investment and transition from one source of energy to another without causing disruption.

How will hydrogen support climate change transition, and the rise of emerging industries?

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Our services

We partner across industry and government to optimise energy performance, with extensive experience across energy intensive sectors including resources, energy, transport, infrastructure, defence and water.

Energy Strategy

Our diverse team is future focused, continually leading and embracing change to help organisations remain at the forefront of the energy transition to satisfy stakeholder expectations and create social value.

  • Net zero strategy
  • Procurement strategy including Power Purchase Agreements and project investment
  • Commercial advisory
  • Technology strategy


Our extensive energy systems, market and technology expertise help ensure you make the right decisions across asset lifecycles, accelerating your organisations sustainability and climate change performance.

  • Developing a risk profile and setting a decarbonisation strategy
  • Scenario planning to test the decarbonisation response to the transition risk threat
  • Exploring alternatives if decarbonisation is not the right solution
  • Identifying the right technology (including leveraging existing technology)
  • Carbon benchmarking
  • Developing a baseline of existing carbon footprint from which to measure actions
  • Understanding current market perception towards the organisation

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Technology Performance

The demand for cheaper low-carbon and zero-carbon energy has accelerated improvement in the cost and performance of renewables, batteries and hydrogen-related energy supply technologies.

Aurecon have a deep understanding of technology pathways and options allowing us to work with organisations to develop a roadmap for their transition.

  • Energy reduction
  • Demand response
  • Emerging technologies e.g. hydrogen
  • Behind the meter solutions (including virtual power plant integration)

Energy system and investment support

Our deep understanding of how energy is sourced, generated, transmitted and ultimately sold to consumers provides us with the expertise and knowledge to imagine what’s possible for your organisation.

1. Investment decision support

  • Due diligence
  • Project concept development and pre-feasibility
  • Business cases
  • Portfolio assessment

2. Grid planning and connections advisory

3. Regulation and policy

  • Regulatory submission development
  • Regulated asset management
  • Funding allocation support

How will your industry transition to a net zero carbon future?

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