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Designing resilient cities and communities for a more sustainable future

Risk and resilience advisory

Designing resilient cities and communities for a more sustainable future

A resilient organisation, business, system or society is one that can resist, adapt and recover from environmental, social and economic shocks in a timely and efficient manner, through the preservation and restoration of its essential basic structures and functions.

Resilience and risk management means being able to identify, assess and plan for risks and opportunities posed by these stresses and events, and mitigate their impact on our economic, physical, social, cultural and environmental assets.

With rapid urbanisation, environmental pressures, and social and economic stresses impacting our cities and regions, we are increasingly vulnerable to emergency and disaster events, whose far-reaching consequences are impacting the livelihoods and health of our communities globally.

How can we safeguard our vulnerable projects, organisations and communities from increasing disaster and climate risk?

Our difference

At Aurecon, we believe true resilience is not only about bouncing back – it is about bouncing back and thriving, bringing ideas about better living to life, providing advice that matters tomorrow.

Aurecon’s practical disaster, risk and emergency management experience is unique in the infrastructure and asset management consulting environment. Through our human-centred design approach, we collaborate with our clients to help with future-proofing, optimisation of existing resources and risk-informed investment, to withstand shocks and rapidly respond to threats and opportunities.

Our risk and resilience management advisory services enable informed development decisions, resources management and infrastructure investments that reduce the public and private cost of disaster risk and facilitate a contextually relevant climate change response. We work with our clients to increase the resilience and sustainability of their projects while reducing the vulnerability and risk exposure of communities, commerce, industry, institutions and government.

How we deliver

Aurecon’s risk and resilience advisory services complement our considerable multidisciplinary technical expertise with multi-hazard risk management science. We explore challenges, identify opportunities and develop risk management solutions, as well as strategies, plans and procedures, that support risk reduction, preparedness, response, relief, adaptation to global and local change, reconstruction that builds back better and rehabilitation that enables sustainability and resilience.

Resilience management can be applied to communities, critical infrastructure, companies and countries, and to every stage of a project life cycle, from planning and design through to delivery and the operation of assets and services, either independently or as part of an integrated solution for our clients’ businesses.

Aurecon has extensive experience in practical disaster and emergency management across various markets, including transport, sports and recreation, hospitality, environmental management, mining, water and facilities management.

Our services

  • Sustainability and resilience strategies
  • Disaster risk assessment, management planning and framework development
  • Climate change risk assessments, response strategies and planning
  • Risk informed planning
  • Resilience assessment, auditing (government and industry) and development planning
  • Policy and strategy selection and development
  • Resilience/sustainable project management principles
  • Emergency planning and management support
  • Business continuity and crisis management
  • Security risk assessment and planning
  • Risk and resilience information packaging, design and dissemination

Partnering with clients across a range of markets, our global integrated advisory offerings help shape your assets for competitive advantage.

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