Environmental management

Environment & planning

Environment & planning

Aurecon understands that the environmental impact of projects is a crucial consideration for our clients and for the communities in which we operate.

Contemporary planning can deliver economic, environmental and social benefits that will have a lasting impact for asset owners and the communities that host them. Successfully balancing economic outcomes with social development and protection of the environment requires the application of sustainability principles that are multidimensional, future focused, and compliant with an ever-changing regulatory framework.

From strategic planning which prioritises investment decisions; to navigating complex approvals or re-imagining the transformation of existing assets; combining multidisciplinary expertise with rigorous processes and tools is fundamental to constructing a safer, more sustainable future.

Our difference

We provide stand-alone planning services, as well as being fully integrated into our engineering design offering. This approach improves economic and environmental, as well as social outcomes.

Our team includes specialists on risk and resilience, and on the impact of climate change, advising both public and private sector clients on planning and designing infrastructure to factor in impacts from the outset. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to apply real world experience to deliver effective and sustainable outcomes.

How we deliver

Our specialist advisors work with clients and stakeholders during all project phases, including strategic positioning, planning, design and construction, offering services including:

  • Project shaping to design a project that creates an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable asset
  • Reliable project approvals to reduce material delays and additional costs
  • Land and water resources to manage land rehabilitation, water resource planning, hazardous materials and environmental design including business case, feasibility assessment, design and assurance services  
  • Urban planning adopting the consolidated infrastructure planning process (CIPP) to explicitly address demand drivers, development priorities, institutional requirements and budget needs
  • Asset transformation incorporating a risk-based approach to business model and funding; community engagement and sustainable planning; infrastructure optimisation; rehabilitation planning; transformation and closure costing; decommissioning planning and management; and labour force retraining
  • Resilience solutions combining spatial analysis and risk modelling with practical, tried and tested applications, directly linking risk assessment to prioritised responses, budget and financial processes, long-term investment strategy, and infrastructure planning to reporting obligations
  • Environmental management through a team of highly skilled and experienced environmental auditors and environmental managers focused on the explicit causes of non-compliance to guard against risk of closure and major reputational damage

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