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Environment & planning

Navigating environmental, social and economic complexity

Achieving successful outcomes for owners, investors and communities requires projects and places to be planned and managed in a manner that is considerate of environmental, social and economic impacts. If the true value of our ecosystem’s capital is considered along with sustainable design in these complex times, we can create a lasting change for good.

Our clients are navigating the delivery and management of highly complex projects and asset bases within a new generation of business risks: climate change impacts, ever-changing regulatory frameworks, nature-related risks and disclosures, the influence of more informed and empowered communities, as well as consideration of indigenous perspectives and diverse stakeholder needs.

Aurecon partners with clients to navigate this complexity with innovative and reliable strategic planning, environmental management and natural capital advice backed by deep technical expertise. Our multidisciplinary expertise, together with rigorous methodologies and the application of digital processes, generates meaningful economic results accompanied by nature-positive outcomes.

Partnering with our clients on infrastructure challenges from regulatory compliance to realising natural resources value

A better future is a world that works for all of humanity and the planet. We look beyond compliance to enable nature positive infrastructure and nature-based solutions that benefit our clients, communities and the planet. We co-create a shared future that enhances environmental performance and resilience in an economically beneficial way.

Our multidisciplinary specialists protect and strengthen our client’s performance and resilience by addressing the risks and opportunities created by climate change. We understand the environmental impacts on clients’ businesses and design thoughtful solutions for infrastructure projects and investments, adding natural and economic value across a project or asset’s lifecycle.

Our environment and planning capability and service offerings

Aurecon's planning and environmental management solutions, and nature advisory expertise, realise the aspirations of our clients with measures that address performance and resilience across a project or asset’s full life cycle, enabled by digital tools and processes.

Planning and approvals

Aurecon is a leader in delivering strategic planning advice, assisting clients to navigate the statutory approval process to obtain the environmental and social licence to operate for transport, energy, aviation, defence, industrial, resources and chemicals, water and port projects and assets, and master planning for major landholdings and precincts.

Our planners work with clients to develop strategies, assess options, and undertake impact assessments to optimise the value of land-use decisions, shaping and planning this process. To help secure approvals and improve environmental performance, we use geospatial information platforms to centrally store, map and analyse environmental data in addition to engaging visual media and digital tools.

One example is digital environmental impact assessment reports that present complex technical data as interactive and user-friendly information on a digital platform. These transform tabled data and project information into annotated maps and 3D visualisations.

Our services are valuable for large-scale landholdings through to infrastructure assets and include:

  • Urban planning policy and strategy development
  • Site master planning
  • Site and route options selection
  • Approvals strategies
  • Major project approvals
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Land access
  • Cultural heritage (archaeology) assessment and management

To optimise land use and obtain the environmental and social licence to operate, contact environmental planning and approvals lead, Stephen Cole, or urban planning lead, Jules Griffith.

For New Zealand-based planning and approvals, contact Environment and Planning Director, Louise Strogen.

Environmental design and management

Aurecon’s application of environmental and social sciences shapes sustainable cities and regions through our design and advisory projects. Our industry knowledge extends through markets and throughout local, state and federal jurisdictions. This knowledge allows us to look beyond compliance, towards design and management solutions that unlock opportunities for clients to achieve nature-positive outcomes.

We apply digital engineering solutions, integrated geospatial technology and use digital real-time environmental monitoring to enhance our ability to investigate, plan, design, deliver and operate sustainable assets and projects. Our services include:

  • Environmental compliance management in design, construction and operation
  • Environmental management plans (EMPs), including Construction EMPs and Operational EMPs
  • Environmental monitoring and measurement
  • Environmental designs for water, infrastructure and waste
  • Environmental due diligence

To ensure assets are compliant with environmental requirements and operate in harmony with natural environments, contact our environmental design and management lead, Peter Fawcett.

We connect physical infrastructure with biodiversity, land and soils, and water, through human-centred design and nature-based thinking to reimagine new value in the climate transition economy.

Natural capital advisory

Clients face a number of challenges in seeking sustainable solutions that realise environmental aspiration across supply chains. By valuing land, water, biodiversity and natural assets as capital, organisations can begin to generate value in a way that provides social benefit, enables internal and external capital investment, manages risk and enhances reputation.

To create and realise value through natural resources, contact natural capital lead, Colm Molloy.


Creating spaces and places where biodiversity can thrive within the parameters of project and asset objectives:

  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Terrestrial flora and fauna
  • Aquatic ecology
  • Bushfire management
  • Nature-based offsets and markets

To connect the impacts and dependencies of living ecosystems with the intrinsic value of life, contact our biodiversity lead, Kylie Galway.

Land and soils

Solutions for the optimisation of land quality and use, preservation of value in natural and built form assets and the protection of human and environment health:

  • Contaminated land assessment and management
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Remediation, restoration and redevelopment
  • Soil and land suitability/capability assessment
  • Strategic cropping assessment

To understand impacts on land and soils and how to optimise land quality, contact our land and soils lead, Stuart Taylor.

Sustainable water

Providing holistic, integrated and multidisciplinary expertise to shape sustainable water cycle management, maximising the value of water for all people and the environment in our solutions and advice, including the following service offerings:

  • Catchment hydrology and hydrogeology studies
  • Integrated water management
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Water quality and ecohydraulics
  • Water security, resilience and climate change
  • Waterways and riparian management

To create and protect value in water, contact sustainable water lead, Dan Evans.

Partnering with clients across a range of markets, our global integrated advisory offerings help shape your assets for competitive advantage.

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