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Managing environmental, social and economic impacts

Aurecon understands that the environmental, social and economic impact of projects is a crucial consideration for our clients and the communities in which we operate.

Contemporary planning can deliver sustainable environmental, social and economic outcomes that will have a lasting impact for asset owners and the communities that host them. Successfully balancing economic outcomes with social development and the protection of the environment requires the application of sustainability principles that are multidimensional, future-focused and compliant with an ever-changing regulatory framework.

Aurecon is an innovative and reliable provider of shaping and strategic planning that prioritises investment decisions, navigates complex approvals and re-imagines the transformation of existing assets. Multidisciplinary expertise along with rigorous processes and tools is our foundation to constructing a safer, more sustainable future.

Our difference

We provide stand-alone shaping, planning and environmental services, as well as being able to fully integrate with our engineering design offering. This approach improves environmental, social and economic outcomes.

Our team includes specialists that understand climate change risk and resilience, to identify climate change impacts. We partner with public and private sector clients to research and understand environmental impacts for their infrastructure projects and investments. We apply real-world experience to deliver effective and sustainable outcomes.

How does a place-based approach stimulate economic growth, create jobs and support liveable, sustainable communities?

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How we deliver

Aurecon works with clients to provide environment and planning expertise across the full lifecycle of their projects, offering the following expertise:

  • Land and water advisory: From strategic planning of water resources, to contaminated land management, our land and water advisory services provide clients with clarity of risk; blending science, engineering, planning and economic capabilities to achieve sustainable policy, plan and project outcomes
  • Environmental planning: Aurecon is a leader in delivering strategic planning and environmental impact assessments, guiding clients through the approval processes for their projects and investments
  • Integrated urban planning: Our integrated urban planning solutions are grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between planning decisions and the environment, health, economic and liveability challenges facing our clients and communities
  • Geospatial: Our geospatial team provides advice, data capture and information management with insights and analytics delivered on advanced platforms and portals to create visualisation and collaboration of information on complex projects
  • Environmental design and management: Our diverse team of skilled and experienced environmental engineers, designers, managers and auditors is driven to develop environmental design solutions that support urban development, large infrastructure projects, and environmental management across a wide range of applications. With a deep appreciation of environmental risk management, clients benefit from our input with improved compliance and efficiency through design, delivery and operational project phases
  • Climate change risk and resilience: Combining traditional spatial analysis and risk modelling with new and emerging applications, we assess business outcome, transition and asset base risk to develop pragmatic response plans
  • Asset transformation: Aurecon provides advice spanning regulatory complexities, decommissioning, rehabilitation, community engagement, funding models, sustainability planning and design to asset owners and operators on re-purposing land and assets

Partnering with clients across a range of markets, our global integrated advisory offerings help shape your assets for competitive advantage.

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