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Visualisation & immersive storytelling

Helping project owners tell their story through immersive and interactive visualisation experiences

Aurecon’s in-house award-winning 3D visualisation and creative studio specialises in strategy, storytelling, and creative technology. Unsigned Studio works with built environment and major infrastructure project owners to bring their projects to life.

Visualisation and real-time visualisation builds anticipation, removes ambiguity, clarifies design features, and excites stakeholders through virtual project experiences. Working with our clients, we surface, translate, and strategically communicate their project’s vision through multiple visual mediums, from augmented reality to motion graphics to app development.

As the design, engineering and advisory space undergoes a large-scale digital transformation, stakeholders are expecting sophisticated digital project materials. Evolving technologies mean our clients can explore urban environments and infrastructure like never before.

Our creative difference

Visualisation is a foundational part of our design process. Our international team of professionals working within our creative studio is supported by multidisciplinary professionals with deep domain expertise from across Aurecon. Our visualisation and storytelling start from a place of deep understanding unique to Aurecon.

We leverage our robust and cutting-edge design experience with best-in-class technology and digital engineering and advisory acumen. Visualisation – videos, images, animations, films, and interactive tools – foster understanding by distilling complex ideas into beautifully simple, accessible, message-led, shareable, and immediate formats. It introduces one visual language, which helps put everyone on the same page with same level of clarity and insight. This is essential for effective communication and collaboration.

Further, visual communication allows users to walk through several design options, experience a design from the end-user’s perspective, or evaluate whether a design is fit-for-purpose. These technologies offer benefits across the project lifecycle, from design and construction through to asset management and operations.

Creative underpinned by strategic storytelling and experimentation

We always start with you and your project. We need to understand and appreciate your challenges, project vision, and what success looks like in order to produce clear, compelling material. We prioritise being collaborative, agile, and rigorous in this process.

Most importantly, we draw out the ‘why’ of your project, so we can produce material that will engage your audience. And of course, we are tech nerds – we are always researching, experimenting with, and applying new technologies, whether its interactive applications or visualisation tools. Your communication asset will be informed by what works best for your project vision.

Outcome driven technologies

Our award-winning projects span an arena of diverse markets and regions. We have produced work for stakeholders in government, investors, and communities across Australasia. Our services include:

3D Visualisation

Compelling visuals are critical in communicating complex ideas. 3D visualisation is the process of creating diverse graphical content through a variety of techniques and tools.

Our team transform your designs from plans and architectural models into fit-for-purpose visual mediums, such as videos, before-and-after comparisons, photomontage, 360 panoramic videos, aerial photography, and more. High-quality digital content brings your project to life for a range of purposes and audiences, whether its stakeholder engagement or promotion.

CGI Still Images & Animated Films

Renders, images, and films created from 3D models and designs, and stills from computer-generated imagery (CGI), can visualise your project space in precise detail. These visual tools can tour the viewer through design choices to showcase design elements (for example, descriptive, sectional diagrams that illustrate through-site connections in a space and how they improve accessibility for patrons).

Animated films and materials are also a sophisticated way to encourage viewers to see your project through a new perspective, building excitement and emotional investment in a project. Animations are a simple way to communicate complex ideas, making them powerful tools in stakeholder engagement.

Extended Reality (XR)

Extended reality, or XR, refers to Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). These immersive technologies can produce content that merges virtual and physical worlds – allowing you to showcase your project site before construction has started.

Augmented Reality overlays virtual information and objects onto a real-world setting. In contrast, Virtual Reality fully immerses users in a simulated digital environment through headsets, and Mixed Reality merges real world environments with computer-generated ones. This mix of digital visual content, combined with physical installations, means we can propose the best visual solution to communicate your project.

Interactive Development

Through our proprietary tool siteLab, a range of options are available for creating immersive project experiences. Interactive real-time environments, applications, and interactive physical installations can bring your project to life. Our team can design and execute diverse digital experiences depending on your project and its needs.

Creative Direction

Our team can conceptualise, idealise, and recommend how to tell the narrative of your project to achieve the outcomes you’re after. Creative direction utilises a range of approaches, such as written abstracts, mood boards, style frames, or storyboards to suggest the creative and visual tone of the storytelling for your work.

Graphic Design

Various visual design elements can achieve different emotional responses to the work. We use visual and textual elements such as typography, photography, iconography, and illustration to tell the story of your project, in a range of formats, meaning you can deploy the visual materials in various settings.

Animated Motion Graphics

Animated motion graphics create an illusion of motion and are an imaginative way to explain complex concepts or illustrate scenarios. Animations often involve text, iconography, and digital art.

Live Action Filmmaking

Live action refers to cinematography and videography that uses real people and settings (instead of CGI). To tell the story of your project, we can coordinate and film interviews, capture live footage of your site, office, or staff, and capture high-quality photography and still images.

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