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Choose how to harness digital power

From the way we consume entertainment in our homes to how smart phones navigate us around the world, the way digitisation has changed people’s lives for the better is there for everyone to see. How you choose to harness this digital power in the future will be key to the success of your organisation.

The endless possibilities of digital enablement

‘Digital’ is a way of doing things not a thing in itself, which means the possible benefits of future digital enablement are limitless. Right now, it’s important to consider the ways in which digital systems can replace existing analogue or manual systems and how this digitisation can create greater efficiency and effectiveness through electronic means. Most of the future digital applications haven’t been thought of yet.

The endless possibilities of digital enablement

Disrupting digital disruption

The phrase ‘digital disruption’ often gets bandied about by people who don’t completely understand its meaning. It can cause us to panic and think we’ve missed some digital boat that all of our competitors have already boarded.

Digital disruption can be defined as the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.

Our clients realise that as digital technologies never stand still the potential for digital disruption is a constant factor for all businesses, in all markets, to a greater or lesser extent. Digital readiness can simultaneously protect you against major disruptions and give you the ability to be agile, when the time is right. Both are critical to the constant evolution of your business model.

Disrupting digital disruption

The benefits of digital design and delivery

Digital technologies are helpful for collaboration, communication, planning and alignment with multiple stakeholders. Over the lifecycle of a project, they can help stakeholders understand different components of infrastructure by visualising the impact of different options and approaches. This allows more upfront planning and projects to be de-risked early and can reduce the chance of scope creep or rework.

The benefits of digital design and delivery

The following sections give details of what we’ve learnt about digitisation and ‘digital’ from the interviews with our clients:

Digital inertia

When something moves as fast as the world of digital technologies, there’s bound to be a degree of nervousness around uptake. You might worry if there’s ever a ‘right time’ to make your move but there’s a far stronger argument that the longer you delay your commitment to digital readiness, the more exposed you become to the threat of digital disruption.

Know your customer

By understanding how you can add digital value to your clients and customers, you can define your own digital strategy. Your organisation’s digital solutions will come about through a process of human-centred observation and engagement of your own customers’ needs.

It’s people, not tech

People are the agents of digital transformation. Without their input, nothing will change. When this digital change does happen, it will have a ripple effect throughout your organisation. Some people will, to continue with this same metaphorical theme, take to it like a duck to water, while others will feel like they’re sinking. With foresight, nobody will drown.

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To better understand how we can help our clients take charge of their digital futures, we spoke at length to a broad group of professionals across many organisations, industries and countries and asked them to share their thoughts on how digital technologies would shape and change their organisations in the future.
Andrew Maher, Chief Digital Officer, Aurecon

Andrew Maher

Group Managing Principal, Eminence, Digital & Innovation
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