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Aurecon works with our clients to procure, manage and leverage digital asset information and data across the asset lifecycle.

Digitising assets and using digital business processes and enabling technologies to manage asset data is now a business imperative. Gaining a clear view of assets and understanding how to specify and deliver accurate asset information requires the right capability and systems to support decision making to deliver business value.

Building both the data infrastructure and the capability of our clients to manage intelligent data and information is the backbone to enabling information to be planned, procured and leveraged to inform operational and strategic decision making. Globally, both public and private sector owners and operators are beginning to realise the benefits of aligning to a consistent approach to information for built assets in line with internationally recognised standards.

Our difference

The use of data and information to inform decision making can be continuously enhanced when the information requirements of each process or business function owner are identified and well-understood. This enables the standardisation and implementation of asset information and enabling technologies.

As one of the first organisations in the world to have gained the kitemark certification for ISO 19650, Aurecon is a leader in advising clients on improving their management of asset information and shaping their information requirements across different stages of an asset's lifecycle.

We combine our Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital engineering and advisory expertise to offer strategic advice and planning to help clients:

  • Establish current and future capability states through engagement with key stakeholders across organisation departments and in review of current information-related practices and solutions
  • Present findings against an Information Capability Maturity Model across organisational, project/asset and workforce tiers and provide a set of recommendations in the form of a Digital Enablement Roadmap across multiyear horizons
  • Mobilise and support key initiatives and monitor their return on investment and continuous capability improvement. This includes developing business cases, enabling technology proof of concepts, early adopter project support and education and skills support

In 2021, Aurecon acquired digital construction consultancy and training provider, Digital Node, to further strengthen our digital enablement capability. This has allowed us to widen our service offering to support our clients’ digital transformation and allow us to guide and nurture digital processes and technologies to enable productivity.

Aurecon is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. In alignment with this commitment, we act as the exclusive APAC Gold Sponsor for Women in BIM, a global community of female professionals supporting diversity in the construction industry and sharing knowledge on a global platform in BIM and Digital Engineering expertise.

How we deliver

At the centre of procuring and leveraging asset information and data that is relevant and useful is the need to clearly and consistently define the information requirements of business stakeholders and the value this will bring.

Capital projects generate a significant amount of information and data for use in the planning and delivery of built assets, but also in support of maintenance and operational requirements. A whole of asset life approach is critical and further enhanced by managing the requirements for information throughout project delivery and ensuring receipt of information and data that is delivered as planned in a consistent and reliable way.

Aurecon supports clients throughout the asset lifecycle and continues to contribute to the development of best practice and new ways of working which are supported by industry standards.

Our services

The International Standard (ISO 55000) defines asset management as “the coordinated activities of an organisation to realise value from its assets,” which is why Aurecon’s digital enablement solutions focus on supporting asset owners through enhancing their asset information and data capability maturity, which supports decision-making and improved insights about the built assets.

Asset information and data health check

  • Understanding the gaps and inconsistency of your legacy and newly created information and data

Information management systems analysis and improvement

  • Understanding how well your current technology stack is being leveraged and aligned to business outcomes

ISO-aligned collaborative working and asset information management standards

  • Reviewing and establishing a comprehensive suite of policies, standards and guidelines to help your business and suppliers better manage asset information across the lifecycle, aligned to ISO 19650 and other international and national approaches

Asset and engineering data management (including smart class libraries/hierarchies)

  • Providing a structured method of describing your types of equipment and the engineering information for all your assets
  • Understanding current state-of-the-art solutions and industry trends that may present future opportunities whilst delivering enabling technologies that meet your immediate needs

Data & analytics (including artificial intelligence such as Machine Learning)

  • Extracting insights to better understand engineering data from assets to untap opportunities to apply advanced data analytics to support business outcomes
  • Providing new ways to envision design solutions and improve whole of life asset performance
  • Ensuring collaborative decision making and buy-in is at the heart of every successful project

Aurecon offers a range of digital enablement training services to help clients align their business with the requirements of ISO 19650.

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