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Data & analytics

Transforming businesses through the power of data analytics

Aurecon works with organisations and governments to help them understand the power of data analytics to transform their business.

The knowledge extracted from data can provide fundamental new insights into operations and customers, enable better decision making at every stage of the asset lifecycle, and support new data-driven operating models.

New data-hungry technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are creating significant opportunities to improve productivity, safety and organisational effectiveness in every industry and every function.

Aurecon teams use their digital engineering and advisory expertise to work with our clients and partners to help them use big data, advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform how they operate and how they compete; generating value for their business.

Our difference

Aurecon offers clients a powerful combination of world-class domain expertise in engineering, design and asset management and deep capabilities in machine learning, advanced analytics and big data management.

Unlike generalist consulting firms and ‘pure play’ analytics providers, our data and analytics team and related digital futures and creative technology and visualisation specialist groups have access to leading experts in all the engineering disciplines, as well as a vast body of experience in sectors such as energy, water, infrastructure, transport, built environment, resources and manufacturing.

How we deliver

Our data and analytics team works closely with all other parts of Aurecon to deliver exceptional results for clients.

A typical project may include a combination of data scientists, data engineers, business analysts, software engineers and domain experts in disciplines such as geotechnical, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering.

Aurecon has completed over 100 client projects leveraging data engineering, advanced analytics and machine learning technology to address a diverse range of problems.


eye illustration - Aurecon
  • Averages
  • Variations
  • Trends
  • Relationships
  • Structures

Built compelling interactive dashboards and data visualisation tools


trend graph
  • People, objects
  • Assets, features
  • Anomalies, faults
  • Hazards, risks
  • Actions, behaviours

Mapping roads from aerial images, and identifying road signs and pipeline faults from video footage


forecast graph
  • Demand
  • Time
  • Events
  • Equipment failure
  • Costs, revenue

Metering data from residential developments used to predict critical peak loads for energy usage


peaks and troughs
  • Site selection
  • Routes, schedules
  • Operational and production processes
  • Maintenance

Several HVAC energy reduction, predictive maintenance and production process optimisation projects


robotic arms
  • Costly, repetitive or dangerous tasks
  • Construction and production tasks
  • Inspections

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and machine learning used to automate mapping of treacherous rock faces in New Zealand and South Africa


digital brain
  • Designs
  • Images
  • Processes
  • Strategies
  • Experiments

Machine learning based generative design used for automating data centre configuration

Our services

We help clients manage, understand and extract insights from their data in order to improve asset management, optimise operations, make better planning and design decisions and run projects more efficiently.

Our services focus on four key areas and include:

Data management

  • Advising on the capabilities, processes, platforms and architectures required to manage big data effectively and securely
  • Designing and implementing data acquisition, storage, transformation and integration processes and infrastructure
  • Creating interactive dashboards and reporting tools to help clients understand their data and gain better insights into the performance of their assets and operations

Asset management

  • Analytical models to optimise the management of assets or capital projects at the portfolio or program level
  • Automated asset condition monitoring and asset health prediction
  • Using machine vision to detect, geolocate and inspect geographically dispersed assets
  • Predictive maintenance using machine learning to optimise maintenance scheduling and capital expenditure decisions

Operational improvement

  • Optimisation of logistics, scheduling and production processes using machine learning
  • Improving energy efficiency of HVAC systems, pumps and other energy intensive systems using machine learning
  • Automatic event detection and activity analysis using technologies such as computer vision and machine learning

Planning and design

  • Using advanced analytics to inform infrastructure planning, transport planning and urban design
  • Automation and augmentation of design processes using generative design technology
  • Project monitoring and productivity improvement
  • Optimising site selection


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