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Creative technology & visualisation

Using creative technology to visualise projects

Bringing storytelling and technology together to create immersive and interactive project experiences. It helps us to better communicate the vision for major infrastructure and built environment projects.

Creative technology and visualisation – videos, images, animations, films and interactive tools – foster understanding by breaking down complex ideas into beautifully simple, accessible, message lead, shareable and immediate formats. It introduces one visual language, which helps put everyone on the same page with same level of clarity and insight. This is essential for effective communication and collaboration.

Creative technology helps with understanding complex problems in new ways. It allows the user of the digital technology to walk through several design options, experience a design from the end-user’s perspective and evaluate whether a design is fit for purpose. These technologies offer real benefits across the entire project, from design and construction through to asset management and operations.

At Aurecon, we are passionate about using our digital engineering and advisory expertise and digital insights to enhance physical assets and delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients, their projects and the world we live in.

Immersive, interactive visual communications

Adopting the digital studio model

Aurecon has established Unsigned Studio (formerly Studio Magnified) as a visual communications agency within the organisation. Our aim is to provide better outcomes, through visualisation, on how we communicate the vision for major infrastructure and built environment projects to project stakeholders, including government, investors and the public.

Unsigned Studio bring over 15 years' creative experience to Aurecon and offer a full suite of production services; from initial project scoping through to the delivery of videos, animations, films, images, digital apps and physical installations.

The studio of 30+ professionals combine a range of creative specialisations and backgrounds, including:

  • Film and television
  • Architecture
  • Community engagement
  • Graphic design
  • Animation
  • Computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology and coding

How we deliver visual digital solutions

The interdisciplinary richness of the team enables better and more imaginative visual solutions. The studio model fosters a culture of sharing, improving, iterating and innovating on every project we deliver for our clients.

We offer clients the following creative technology and visualisation services:

  • Scoping – Working with clients to propose the right medium and scope for the project
  • Brief creation – Facilitating stakeholder workshops and distilling information into a brief
  • Creative/art direction – Designing visual identity, graphics and style for digital and print
  • Storyboarding – Structuring information into storyboards and wireframes
  • Film making – Producing and directing live-action shoots in studio or on location
  • Video – Flythrough, live-action, construction animations, infographic videos and data visualisation
  • Still images – Concept, diagrammatic, marketing, bid submission, photomontage
  • Digital content application (App) – Bringing different content types together into a single application
  • Augmented reality – Combining reality with 3D models and data
  • Virtual reality – Creating enclosed, immersive virtual environments
  • Physical installation – Digital context models and video walls
  • Technology experimentation – Research, development and application of new and emerging technologies

Outcome driven technologies

Visualisation technology and tools

The technology and tools that support visualisation allow for a more natural way of looking at the design process. They are evolving fast – in addition to creative outputs like rendered movies and images, Aurecon is creating digital apps, virtual reality, augmented reality and physical installations.

Just imagine testing rail signal placement by driving a virtual train, or collecting community feedback on mobile tablets showing a rich 3D environment. In-house developed tools like VizRT mean we can quickly respond to new client requests like these and focus on the things that matter. Combinations of technologies, supported by a rich storytelling process, allow us to create truly compelling experiences.

Embedding visualisation into everything we do

Creative technology allows Aurecon to move into a world where visualisation is an embedded part of our design process – a place where it’s business as usual and simply the way we communicate with each other, our clients and the community.  

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