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Transforming ways of working across engineering, design and advisory

Digital tools are transforming industries and are now an integral part of how we deliver engineering, design, and advisory capabilities. Digital tools are redefining how we can extract insights from data to help clients make better and more impactful business decisions.

At Aurecon, we fuse decades-long knowledge and experience as a design and engineering company with emerging technology, and data and analytics, to create digital solutions.

Aurecon’s digital tools are informed by client businesses and assets. Our team of product and technology experts continuously evolve our digital tools and create secure, custom-designed products that are shaped by feedback and client input.

Our difference

Aurecon's creative technology team brings software developers, user experience specialists, and solution architects together with multidisciplinary specialists who have deep domain expertise from across Aurecon. This collaboration ensures our team creates solutions which strike at the core of challenging industry problems.

The team’s agile and collaborative approach guides solutions from idea to implementation and scale. Co-created with clients, products are designed to integrate into the project lifecycle and carry onwards, even as assets and project scope change.

Aurecon offers end-to-end development at scale, from experience design and delivery to continuous improvement. Deeply embedded in the team is a technology-agnostic approach, ensuring that the right solution for the right problem always takes precedence.

How we deliver systems that enable data-driven decisions

The client’s priorities and objectives drive our work. We bring together the right mix of technology software to unlock value from data. Whether there’s a challenge with information management, stakeholder engagement, or asset optimisation decision-making, our team work on diverse solutions.

As the ‘final assembler’, we unlock the key insights from our clients’ suite of applications and proprietary tools. Our tech-agnostic approach means we then integrate fit-for-purpose applications and tools into a unified platform, compiling the information needed to make decisions about projects.

This design approach to products prioritises the user experience, with a focus on understanding user behaviours, needs, and motivations. For rapid delivery of secure, high-quality solutions, we employ lean and agile practices. And to incorporate security at scale, we implement our mature delivery methodology, guiding solutions from idea to implementation.

Our digital tools

Aurecon’s digital tools and products span the project lifecycle, from design through construction to post project research and feedback, benefit from our model of continuous improvement, and offer a range of benefits to complement our services.


lightScope™ portal is a data rich project and portfolio management tool.

The lightScope™ portal is a data rich project and portfolio management tool surfacing key insights through the ability to plug into a range of applications.

lightScope™ gives clients and project teams a view of the entire asset portfolio, enabling collaborative and data-driven decisions.


Tucana is a digital collaboration platform

Tucana™ is a digital collaboration platform that combines technology, process, and data to allow clients on major projects to better manage documents, content, and workflow.

Providing a common data environment for engineering and construction projects, Tucana™ enables the sharing and controlling of project information, from all forms of design content to mail, chat, maps, 2D/3D images, virtual reality models, and more.

Aurecon AIR

Aurecon air is a platform to create interactive, inclusive, and sustainable environmental assessments and reports

A platform to create interactive, inclusive, and sustainable environmental assessments that deliver transparent and concise reporting.

Aurecon AIR makes complex studies easier for stakeholders to understand and translate into decisions.


swipEngage is Aurecon’s digital research tool

Digital research tool swipEngage® allows easy design of unique surveys, offering multiple question types for any audience, backed by an engaging and interactive interface and easy-to-use features.

Use swipEngage® to gather meaningful project feedback from stakeholder groups and communities, support research and stakeholder engagement, and leverage data analytics to share valuable updates and insights in real time.


Align is a web-based linear infrastructure tool

A web-based tool that reinvents the display of linear infrastructure. The interactive map allows stakeholders and clients to view and navigate all design and alignment options available.

Aurecon Align supports custom GIS layers, can display high-resolution aerial photography, supports custom data layers including planning zones, heritage sites, and waterways along with the ability to capture user feedback and comments right in situ. Enabling effective, efficient decision-making with all relevant stakeholders.


siteLab® allows users to interact with built environment or infrastructure design visualisations

A dynamic “digital canvas”, siteLab® allows users to interact with rich built environment or infrastructure design visualisations in real time, including virtual reality.

From a single light fitting or piece of signage, to an entire building or precinct, siteLab enables quicker, smarter, and more cost-effective design decision-making.

Aurecon Inground

A web-based platform that facilitates the creation of 3D utility models

Aurecon Inground is a web-based platform that facilitates the creation of data-rich 3D utility models, from a wide range of data sources, including utility providers, councils, and surveys.

Existing utility information is an incredibly important component of transport and land infrastructure design. Inground reduces risk by clearly communicating project tolerances, reducing model generation time, and encouraging best information management practice on large projects.

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