Aurecon’s dam expertise is geared to help provide water security to communities around the world for domestic, industry and irrigation use.



Providing water security to communities around the world

In a world of increasing demand for water and energy, climate change and increasing uncertainty, dams are an integral part of our water future. Dams are essential in capturing water and delivering sufficient supply to communities for domestic, industry and irrigation use where and when it is needed – they help provide the water and energy security many of us have come to expect in our daily lives. Without dams, some areas would be more prone to droughts or flooding due to the water they capture during times of excess water flow and deliver at times of low flow.

At Aurecon, we have over 80 years’ experience in the design and management for all types of dams, including hydropower generation. We understand their importance and how they positively benefit the societies we live in. We have strong expertise in water resource planning, environmental impact assessment and management, geotechnical investigations and statutory compliance issues.

Our difference

A global team that offers ‘whole of life’ services

Our local offices across our Aurecon regions including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa and the rest of Africa, ensure our integrated team of experts (dam engineers, water resource specialists, geologists, geotechnical engineers, geohydrologists and hydrologists) are able to successfully apply local knowledge and strong technical expertise to future shaping projects. Our team provides a ‘whole of life’ service through planning, analysis and design, construction monitoring, operational and asset management services, as well as rehabilitation and upgrading of existing dams.

Our Dams competency forms part of our global expertise in Bulk Water Infrastructure which also includes planning and design of weirs, canals, major pipelines and pump stations.

Our innovative and client centred approach

Our client’s vision remains at the centre of what we do. At Aurecon, we take pride in building our client relationships and endeavour to go above and beyond when solving complex challenges. Through design, we innovate.

How we deliver

We offer expertise that covers elements of the planning, design, delivery and operation of dams, including water resource planning, environmental impact assessment and management, geotechnical investigations and statutory compliance issues. In addition, we offer comprehensive services in all aspects of dam safety, emergency planning for dams and dam rehabilitation complimented by a strong hydropower capability integral to our dams team.

Specific to tailings, including ash, Aurecon provides broad tailings management services from project inception and planning through to operational management of our completed projects from the plant to the repository, including tailings processing optimisation, slurry conveyance systems, repository design and construction, auditing, safety- and operations management and closure.

Our specialties include:

  • Bulk storage dams of all types (Embankment, concrete (arch and gravity)), roller compacted concrete, rubble masonry and composite dams), with spillways and outlet works of all types.
  • Hydropower schemes, including new and retrofitted dams
  • Lined dams and ponds for raw and contaminated water storage
  • Tailings storage facilities
  • Comprehensive geotechnical and ground engineering for dams
  • Integrated water resource management, feasibility studies, and planning for dams
  • Climate change resilience, adaptation and mitigation.


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