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Bulk water

Bulk water

Getting water to where it needs to be

There’s a lot that goes into getting water from where it is, to the places where it needs to be.

Bulk water supply infrastructure, which includes dams, weirs, canals, pipelines and pump stations, are used for everyday and emergency situations, and include potable and non-potable delivery systems that ultimately help ensure a safe and reliable water supply to the intended users.

At Aurecon, we have over 80 years’ experience in developing bulk infrastructure systems for water, wastewater, irrigation, hydropower, and stormwater management. Our global capabilities in bulk water infrastructure design are complemented by our strengths in dam engineering, water resources management, water and wastewater treatment, and infrastructure advisory services.

Our difference

A global team that offers whole of life services

Our local offices across our Aurecon regions including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa and the rest of Africa, ensure our integrated team of experts (pipeline hydraulics, options analysis and design, pump station optimisation and design, civil, mechanical and electrical) are able to successfully apply local knowledge and strong technical expertise to future shaping projects. Our team provides a ‘whole of life’ service through planning, analysis and design, construction monitoring and operational and asset management services, as well as rehabilitation and upgrading.

Our innovative and client-centred approach

Our client’s vision remains at the centre of what we do. At Aurecon, we take pride in building our client relationships and endeavour to go above and beyond when solving complex challenges.

How we deliver

Our international technical capability coupled with our local knowledge across our Aurecon regions allows us to offer a whole of life service. We specialise in:

  • Planning: Strategic planning and network modelling, performance and capacity analysis, route corridor studies, lifecycle costing.
  • Design: Gravity systems and pressure trunks, hydraulic analysis, including waterhammer and surge analysis and computational fluid dynamics, material science and corrosion protection systems, civil, mechanical, electrical design of pump stations, SCADA and telemetry systems.
  • Operational and Asset Management: Operational performance evaluation, asset management, rehabilitation and replacement advice.
  • Construction Inspections and Monitoring: Pipeline installations quality assurance testing and system commissioning.


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