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Tall buildings

Tall buildings for the future

Tall buildings are central to the development of future-ready cities. Adding value to the mega developments of which they are a part, tall buildings have become essential as a means of overcoming the challenges of increasing urbanisation and density, combined with the need to enhance liveability and sustainability in our urban habitats. Super tall buildings also present their own unique challenges:

  • Is it possible to decrease construction costs and improve safety by minimising site labour?
  • How do we design and build increasingly tall skyscrapers that are also often super slender, due to restrictive sites?
  • How do we make them resilient in the face of climate change and destructive climate events?
  • How can we ensure that the performance of tall buildings is efficient and cost effective, and they enhance the lives of those who live and work in them?

Beyond the requirements of buildability, technical excellence and economical design and construction, are other key elements of engineering and infrastructure that are transforming the impossible into the possible.

Aurecon's Top 12 Tall Buildings

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Our difference

Aurecon is re-imagining the design of tall buildings and urban habitats. We understand the economics of buildings and the spaces in-between. We provide innovative thinking to collaborate with our clients to develop integrated, connected communities of which tall buildings are the centrepiece.

Embracing digital disruption

We are using smart technology during design and construction and incorporating digital technologies as part of the Building Internet of Things to take tall buildings to the next level. For instance, by digitising the wind, we can collect precise data and find solutions for the challenges of human tolerance to motion under wind and seismic conditions. This creates opportunities that have never existed before, enabling buildings to grow taller and cities to be future-ready. Our use of augmented reality enables us to create digital worlds to conduct virtual tours prior to construction. This significantly enhances the construction process.

Making complex project delivery simple

Our ‘model first’ design approach enables collaboration and coordination with the design team from the early stages of the project, as well as improved accuracy, cost certainty and seamless connectivity into the construction process. We particularly focus on constructability and speed to save costs and deliver an earlier return on investment for our clients.

Designing bespoke solutions

Employing smart engineering techniques to reduce labour and materials and save time and money is a key focus. For facades, we work closely with architects to ensure the manufacture of materials and construction is as cost effective and efficient as possible. Our building services teams use digital analysis to evaluate complex issues inherent with super tall towers to find efficiency gains over the lifetime of the building. Modularisation of components is also exploited, to minimise cost and improve safety during construction. Structural solutions to challenges associated with aspects such as ground conditions and durability are explored and incorporated to ensure the design life of the building.

Managing assets through integrated design

Our focus on asset performance from the earliest stages, by linking the structure, façade and building services, provides an integrated approach that not only enhances the design and construction, but has a positive impact on the long-term operation and sustainability of the building. Working closely with our geotechnical engineers from the outset also ensures that structures are designed with the right knowledge and understanding of ground conditions.

How we deliver

Having worked on world class structures and landmark buildings around the globe, Aurecon has developed a reputation for innovative thinking and a focus on buildability, technical excellence and economical design.

We strive to consistently deliver tangible, long term benefits to our clients, including reduced construction time and building cost, thorough risk mitigation in design and construction, increased value for money in built form and innovative sustainability solutions.

  • Digital engineering: As early adopters of digital technologies, we bring the latest and most appropriate tools to the design and delivery of our clients’ projects, to ensure our leading-edge knowledge and experience is transferred to our clients and their projects. From using virtual reality to visualise buildings of the future, to creating a ‘digital twin’ of existing assets to better manage maintenance and lifecycle needs and using machine learning to analyse data to enable better investment decision-making, we are at the forefront of engineering technology that can amplify business success.
  • Human-centred design: We place people at the centre of our design approach. By focusing on the success of our clients, we work through specific challenges and find solutions that meet their needs, and ultimately, those of the end-users
  • Innovative methodology:  We use design-led thinking as a core methodology, backed by a mindset and Aurecon-proprietary toolkit for innovation. With our clients, we co-create and deliver solutions focused on end-users, so that their ultimate experience is enhanced.
  • Eminence and expertise across global teams: Our experienced teams include international market leaders within their fields who are at the forefront of emerging technologies and best practice. Our design leaders are nurtured through our own Design Academy, with a strong focus on encouraging and supporting diversity to enable innovation.
  • Health and safety focus: Health and safety comes first in everything we do as it is a core value for Aurecon. We foster this by appointing experienced teams who combine a deep understanding of the management of health and safety with that of our clients.

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