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Aurecon has engineered and supervised the construction of some of the world’s top sporting stadia and entertainment facilities, delivering inspirational design which showcases engineering ingenuity.

We aspire to work with our design and delivery partners to achieve the best overall outcome for our clients in terms of quality, cost, aesthetics and social, environmental and economic sustainability.

We consider design as a holistic collaborative process which needs to account for all inter-disciplinary technical, economical, operational and social aspects. For example, in designing roofs over stadia, we strive to embody structural efficiency, safety and buildability within the architectural form and to integrate the environmental filtering function of the roof with its role to support sports lighting and enhance acoustic performance without comprising view of the field or the scoreboards.

We provide a complete range of engineering design services, encompassing the full project life cycle, ranging from civil and transportation engineering through to structural engineering, MEP design, fire and life safety design, audio-visual and acoustic design, building performance modelling, wind modelling, and facade design. We consider elegance, efficiency and sustainability as common threads in all aspects of design and use Building Information Modelling (BIM) as the unifying platform for design collaboration and documentation across all design disciplines.

We understand the need to evaluate possibilities for the future use of sporting facilities to ensure that, where possible, the design provides a flexible solution, not restricted by a one-event approach.

Technological advances encompassing operable and moving roofs, in-seat communications, in-stadium television and radio functionality and moving seating tiers, for example, are causing stadia design to evolve dramatically and we are continually reviewing these new technologies for inclusion in future planning scenarios.

Our market leading expertise in fire, wind and acoustic engineering, as well as the application of 3D simulation tools and techniques helps create comfortable spaces that meet stringent health and safety requirements. 3D simulations assist us in modelling how people behave in and around our structures, enabling us to create optimum solutions which are safe, comfortable and cost effective. Our in-house STEPS computer program uses simulated groups of individually specified people moving through a proposed structure to model crowd movement and test evacuation routes.

“On every project, we look for opportunities to innovate in order to deliver the best overall outcomes for our clients. This sees us constantly push the boundaries in the application of advanced design methodologies and simulation techniques,” says Dr Kourosh Kayvani, former Managing Director – Design, Innovation & Eminence.


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