Bridges & civil structures

Bringing smart bridges to life

Bridges & civil structures

Designing an intelligent infrastructure future for connected communities

‘Smart infrastructure’ is on its way. The next generation of bridges will be part of networks that can anticipate problems and, if necessary, self-organise or repair without human interference. This is the exciting future Aurecon is laying the foundation for today.

As we look across the key mega-trends shaping the context of our transport networks, we know that a step change is required in the way we consider major infrastructure projects. Those megatrends include:

  • Rapid, ongoing urbanisation – megacities are at the heart of the world’s growing economies
  • Expanding emerging markets – growth in new economies will fragment current trade routes and supply chains
  • Resource constraints – designing bridges that can be substantially constructed of 100 per cent recycled materials and repurposing existing assets is becoming imperative
  • Technological revolutionsmart, connected infrastructure that collects and analyses data will transform how all industries and networks operate.

Our difference

To ensure the bridges we design today meet the unprecedented needs for speed of construction and adaptability we anticipate, the future needs of users must first be understood. At Aurecon this is what we deliver. 

We have more than 50 years of experience in bridge design that enables us to offer real innovation alongside tried and tested services. Our portfolio includes bridges over two kilometres long and many with spans of over 200 metres, delivered by a vibrant bridges group comprising over 180 professionals based in Adelaide, Auckland, Bangkok, Brisbane, Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Tshwane.

We know that many bridges being constructed today will need to be realigned, widened, lengthened, strengthened or even relocated as traffic and transportation needs grow and new vehicles evolve in response to increasing population demands and the emergence of new technologies. Using our unique experience and innovative approach, we believe we can apply new insights across the planning, design, construction and maintenance phases of a project to optimise the asset’s lifetime value and create genuinely transformational infrastructure

We are always looking ahead to challenge the status quo and to develop innovative and cost effective solutions. We are also working towards making green, flexible and renewable bridges a viable reality to meet the demands of a resource-constrained world. 

How we deliver

A specialist digital team with a global focus

We are on a continuous journey to bring emerging technologies into our digital engineering bridges practice. Design and documentation is already routinely developed from a single 3D model. Once the model is established it can also be used for quantity take off, clash detection, cost estimation and construction programming. The bridge can be fully constructed on monitors using virtual modelling techniques.

Smart infrastructure insight

We give asset managers greater insights into the performance of their infrastructure. One of the greatest challenges in the upcoming decades will be proactively redesigning or changing assets based on these insights. 

Full suite of services

We offer a complete bridge design service for all materials, bridge forms and functions.

Our services

Aurecon is a leading provider of bridge and civil structures engineering services. We are experienced in all forms of bridge design, including large span bridges, rail and road bridges, bridges for cyclists and pedestrians, and specialist civil structures for transport projects such as culverts, retaining walls and cut and cover tunnels. We also have significant experience in incorporating digital engineering tools into:

  • bridge asset management, including bridge management systems, inspections and design for rehabilitation and strengthening
  • the design of temporary works for the construction of bridges and related structures
  • programme advisory based on practical insights and our technical expertise.

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