Aurecon Quartile One asset performance

It’s about a better business, not just a better asset

Quartile one performance means delivering a more profitable, sustainable and fit for the purpose operation with assets performing at their true potential. It determines where an organisation sits on the curve relative to its competitors at a point in time. Quartile one performance is the relentless pursuit of this leading, yet moving, edge.

Moving up the curve requires better decisions. In an ever increasing competitive environment, asset intensive organisations need smarter ways to drive value across their asset base.

We know what high performing operations look like. We have seen how operational opportunities or constraints determine if and how much, an innovation makes a material impact on performance. Our unique perspective enables us to achieve the right balance between practical field experience and vision to ensure trends in technology and research are explored, but never at the expense of productivity and performance.

We close the gap between strategy and execution – defining what quartile one performance looks like, and partnering with you to achieve and sustain the results you need to succeed.

Where do you sit on the curve?

Aurecon Quartile One asset performance

Aurecon Quartile One asset performance

Making informed decisions with the right data

Misunderstanding the real drivers of performance leads to a focus on the wrong solutions.

Organisations with an accurate picture of performance across both internal functions and relative to competitors will yield the most valuable results.

Decision making enabled by the right data is critical to managing physical assets to meet the performance challenges of tomorrow.

Guided by data, we provide asset managers with a perspective of their business, helping them better connect strategy to execution through powerful insight.

We help leaders redefine their organisation’s potential, breaking through the universal performance barrier.

And we help embed an adaptable model where the organisations learns and optimises performance over time, closing gaps in data, knowledge, decision making and execution.

Making informed decisions with the right data

Making informed decisions with the right data

Our unique perspective on the mining value chain

Asset performance database Asset performance database

Connecting strategy to execution

Judgement intensive tasks require business context, cognitive effort and forecasting capabilities. Our frameworks are underpinned by unique knowledge libraries, proprietary databases, and trusted tools and methodologies.

We connect asset management and operational knowledge with forecasting, prediction and financial analysis to enable our partners to extract greater value from their physical assets.

So, what does data-driven asset performance really look like?

How we did it

We applied optimised decision-making theory to our client’s capital processes to develop a robust, repeatable and fit-for-purpose approach to drive value from asset decisions. Aurecon then worked as a delivery partner to implement this process on high value capital requests (ie >$5M). Key tasks included:

  • Aligning stakeholders through functional requirement sessions
  • Transforming data and benchmarks using the Quartile One Database
  • Application of bespoke analytical frameworks addressing cost, risk and performance
  • Delivering findings to meet internal standards and processes

Combining a structured approach with sophisticated data analytics and deep stakeholder engagement were key success factors in this engagement.

What we delivered

  • $390M value case over 11 capital decisions
  • A consistent approach in three different countries through a combination of in-person and remote engagement
  • Supporting digital toolsets to improve efficiency
  • An accelerated capital process for critical decisions

Case study Creating business value of $390M for a tier one miner

A global miner, and long-term client, was optimising asset purchasing decisions based on cost without regard to productivity impacts. This drove a procurement-lead process that failed to appropriately consider the business value of alternate technologies, and also enabled individual bias to influence outcomes.

Aurecon was engaged to develop an approach to drive consistency through major asset decisions focusing on key value levers for the business.

How we did it

Our team used the Quartile One Database to rapidly identify and size potential opportunities. We then developed a bespoke business improvement program which focused on stabilising performance. This included:

  • planning and scheduling process to uplift and stabilise production
  • reliability and maintenance strategies
  • sustaining capital spend optimisation
  • planned shutdown management
  • parts provisioning, warehouse inventory and working capital

The Aurecon team of mining leadership professionals collaborated with the site leaders to empower them to drive and own the change.

What we delivered

  • Site cash flow positive for two consecutive quarters Q2/3 2019
  • Share price increased by 85 per cent (1st Jan 2019 – 23rd Jan 2020)
  • Site KPI’s improved dramatically
    • 50% – 300% increase in MTBF for different mining fleets
    • 23% increase in production and reduction in AIC
    • 26% increase in TMM

Case study Delivering a 23 percent increase in production and 85 per cent share price uplift for this South African gold miner

Our client, an African underground gold mine, was experiencing year on year losses due to a decline in productivity, performance, and organisational leadership. Following several failed turnaround attempts and a significant company restructure morale was low. The deep, underground mining environment was also technically challenging.

Aurecon was engaged to support the business improvement effort and help return the site to stability and profitability.

How can Aurecon help you in business performance?

With extensive experience across asset intensive sectors including mining, rail, port, energy, transport, aviation, defence and government, our ability to connect strategy to execution is what sets us apart. With us you will gain access to:

Quartile One, Aurecon

Right partner

The deep capabilities and networks within the Aurecon group, a global leader in engineering design and lifecycle optimisation

Quartile One, Aurecon

Right data

World’s largest mining asset performance library and extensive industry leading improvement analysis capability

Quartile One, Aurecon

Right approach

Proven methodologies for delivering successful transformation programs backed by innovative digital tools and systems

Quartile One, Aurecon

Right people

Senior management with deep mining and processing expertise and a track record for jointly driving major performance improvement programs


Rob Beckman

Rob Beckman

Principal, Asset Management & Performance – Australia
+61 419 196 687
Will Parkyn, Aurecon

Will Parkyn

Principal, Asset Management & Performance – Australia
+61 468 364 361

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